Will we see any Lost Ark merch?

@Roxx Will we ever see any kind of purchasable merch for us? I’d love to fill a shelf up with Lost Ark merch I’ve seen soo much on KR’s merch store… I’M READY TO SWIPE


I’m ready to get a mokoko plushie :v:


Just go all out and ask for a Mokoko onesie. I would.

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I really want a Mococo seed plushie and the figures!

Ahh, this would be so cool to be able to buy. 10/10.


I have scourered Etsy and have found nothing other than a jumper and some emotes :sob:

I would totally buy 100 mokoko seed plushies and hide them around various parts of my city.


Beatrice and Sasha Plushies.

Or Body Pillows… :flushed:

Bwhahaha I think if that happens that will be my first and only onsie I will buy…

I have a feeling that unofficial merch might appear sooner than official merch…

you can already get them 26CM Cute Mokoko Plush Toy Lost Ark Game Toy Plush Stuffed Animals Green Mokoko Doll Soft Baby Toys Gift Toys for Kids Girls| | - AliExpress