Will you be adding silver packs to the shop like in korea?

A LOT of us are struggling with silver at T3 and in Korea they have the option to purchase silver for blue crystals.

Wondering why our shop doesn’t have this? Afraid of people claiming its p2w? Not westernized enough? If so we need a solution…because we are out here dry of silver.

I believe one of the reasons are yeah NA/EU players will cry P2W if they release same ones in KR server. One of the things I suggest is do the daily in lopang island, they gives you quiet
good amount of silver.

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its good that there is at least one resource people can’t swipe to get and not skip the whole game with money.

Alts… that’s your main source. I have multiple alts running lopang island at T2 - T3 now just to keep up with my silver demand.