Will you ever consider AH complaints? I guess not! Am quitting the game then

You come up with new restrictions every now and then without any survery which affects all players but bots, then we all come in the forums and complain about it and week after week pass and it gets forgotten without any resolution then you come up with a new thing that makes our life even more harder in the game! The game is already time consuming, no need to add extra unnecessary restrictions that waste more of our time.

Until now you didn’t lift the 20 items limit per roster per day, cheap items which were always there, are now getting way more expensive or don’t exist anymore and bots are getting even more active so I am not sure why this restriction is still active!!!


I am quitting the game because of all these small annoying restrictions that you kept adding to increase consuming time of doing small repetitive tasks. I don’t want to spend hours to buy gems to fuse because of that stupid popup “To ensure a safe transaction”…! I don’t want to be nervous the whole day about what I post in the market on all my chars not to hit the stupid 20 limit items cap. I don’t want to spend over 10 mins in every legion raid on all my 7 chars just for stupid repetitive cinematics that no one wants to see more than once. A lot of bullshit in this game just to consume our lives and in between we have some fun.


Yep…they don`t give a shit about our feedback regarding the market and AH.
They are probably too busy with changing skins for West, so they dont have time for this unimportant things.


Even though I am quitting and it won’t matter for me, but I really hope they improve the quality time spent in the game and remove all the pointless trash content which consumes people’s valuable time.

I dont think they have ever listened to us to begin with sadly. It alway hurts me to see a good game slowly dying because of bad decision / choice from either development / publisher


Absolute shitshow, I was positive that the AH restriction would be lifted or changed within a week due the very loud feedback.
Yet here we are without any changes again this reset (at least there is no word of it)
This is so infuriating

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There are so many complaints about SH changes, Artist release being on April instead of Feb but they still wont budge and those are 2 bigger issues than AH, if they wont bother with those 2 the chance of them doing anything to AH changes is pretty much 0

I think everyone needs to quit to send the fkn message to these idiots.

When are you quitting?