Will you go back to new world in october?

New world is creating fresh new servers ppl cant transfer into in October. Game looks like an actual game now with consistent bug fixes and content addition. Will you go back to start fresh?

I will, just tried out ptr last night and it was ballin


I’ll def play it more, but probably not going to start in a new server. Yeah the new territory is HUGE and the city is too. There’s still really limited content so I won’t no life it or anything but they’ve def earned back a bit of time

It’s still the same game, riddled with bugs, desync, lag, etc. So no, I will not be playing. Yea it has “content”…but that content isn’t that interesting.

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Still no mount, I don’t miss wasting half my time online walking around.

for wath? mmo are all the same, just play wath you like.

What you listed has been basically fixed for quite already sometime lol.

The only issue I find right now in NW is some weapons (rapier) are unbalanced tbh.

They fixed the tp stuff, max cost from one side of the map to the other is 20 and added a chunk of tp points, was checking it out yesterday and was legit surprised of all the quality updates they have done.

Skins are still the same trash tbh xD


Everyone was using rapier in world and there was no pvp but just the dash ability and run away. Completely making wpvp useless, if that’s not unbalanced then idk what is that you are smoking.

If we talk about the instanced ones, opr seems to be a big lean over the ranged weapons as far as I was told, just played on opr yesterday and had no issue with delay/lag though I didn’t even remember where my gear was and just jumped with my tank build lol, terrible mistake.

I would play on the new server if there is zero bots and chesters on it. I stop playing new world because every node is taken by bots.
If they cannot make a bot free server l, then nope.

If lost ark will start a new server that made the following requirements:

  1. Steam account must be trusted and 2+ year old on steam
  2. Have a paying Amazon prime account
  3. Aura is needed for trade and use of action house

These requirements will make it bot-free… maybe not 100%, but at least 99% there.

I am more than happy to restart on that server

4 months ago, even 1 month ago i would have said never but after seeing all the QOL change, instruments being added and a new region, I’m definitely going to play again. Idk for how long but I’ll definitely try it and a fresh start server is pretty tempting.

Going “back”? I wasn’t playing New World to begin with and have no intention to do so. There are much better online games for me I could go “back” to, if I wanted. :joy:


Like lost ark? Kek.
The flashy Arpg mobile game disguised as an mmo to cash grab to fund new world development, been this way the whole time.

Like I care. Lost ark is way better, I did not wait for lost ark 7 years for nothing. Never going to swap this game so easily especially not with new world lol. You can’t be serious :joy:

While the game itself is probably in a much better state, i cant imagine having to do another 40hr grind on completing the story and then grind endlessly to get life and crafting skills up.

Thats going to be such a big pain tbh. Unless im unaware about some catchup mechs for lvling everything

go back to what? Old World? no thanks. i would prefer to play super mario over going back to that crappy game.

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As far as Im aware, all exp needed was cut by a decent margin months ago and they are revamping lvl 1 to 25 with the new update their goal is to 60 but they are like ongoing with it.

And yeah the life skills are also supposedly less demanding in exp than originally.

Back? Why would anyone who played that game, play this game?

Not sure what you mean but more than half my guild came to lost ark from new world

I’ve played a bit of New World, enjoyed my time, enjoyed some farming, pvp etc… New World is a very good game, I enjoyed crafting and gathering a lot in NW, better than in any other games.

But Lost Ark has some PVE experiences that New World will never be able to offer me. So I’ll stick to Lost Ark. Might play a bit of Dragonfly tho

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