Will you make a destroyer if you dont get a powerpass?

Personally I wont. Not because i dislike the character but because i have enough alts in t1 so i dont have neither the time or the money to push anoteher.

I would make one but it will take a while until he reaches T3


Yes, he will be my main but I am not happy about having to wait 8 hours for 1-50 North Vern Knowledge transfer… I have express missions event ready.


:smiley: even if we dont get powerpass… i have the one for glavier on standby :smiley:

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Destroyer? That’s a funny name for Reaper.


Prolly but I already called my berserker “Gottagosmash” and now I don’t know.

Of course!!!

I will make a Destroyer even if I have do play it manually from lvl 10 to lvl 50 and from T1 to T3 without any pass, knowledge transfer, etc…




I can not understand the hype. This class is extremely boring :smiley:


Probably, but it will take atleast a month to get into t3. Will spend all my saved t3 mats on Gunlancer instead.

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No. Because I have a zerker and he is more leet.

Saved feiton powerpass for him, because i want to have him as main. Got artilerist at 1410, so its almost same playstyle but melee focused and tanky AF. I have saved all the ark pass materials and also some more so i hope i will hit 1370 first day.

Destroyer is about knowleage of fight and when you can smash your charging attack and when not. Also tanky and some synergy + taunt is awesome. Im ready to smas things.

Made an lvl 1 warrior some days ago so the rest bonus can kick in.

There is no way i am making a class without a powerpass, even if it’s my beloved hammer bro.


Well, it has one of the most awesome animations, armor, weapons skins and glow :slight_smile:

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I saved the Feiton powerpass for my beloved Destroyer…he already exists but he is lvl 1 and is waiting the call to arms…

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Looks fun to bonk things. i am not interested in the current released classes as alts, so any new class release will be a treat

I wouldn’t at all mind having a T1 alt again, very easy relaxing content.

Im not main swapping so i dont care how fast I build it, will just hop on it every few days to bop the bear and see how strong i can make it minmaxing t1 sounds fun.

what the point to make another dps without power pass?

Destroyer is going to be my main, i know it to be true, but I also got baited in using the feiton pass prematurely because of the bugged date which AGS only acknowledged days later. IDK if I can do another character from zero without getting completely burned out, it’s already tough getting two T3 characters running with my limited time to play in the week. Guess I ll just focus on my alt for a bit untill the next Pass comes along.


Then will you not make a new character every second month? Since we are getting monthly class releases? I am fine with getting another power pass but i also won’t treat it as the end of the world.

a new lopang alt is always welcome :joy: