Will you quit lost ark and play blue protocol instead?

Since most of our problems stem from Smilegate, I think bandai namco is a much better developer and AGS sure learnt from their past mistakes. Also, it will be their main focus this year, what do you guys think?

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You dont need to “quit” if you wana play something else lol


Well. Its not true. Lost Ark take most fo your time. You have limited time to play especially if you have a work, hobby or family or anything.
I only play with 3-4 character and I only doing Legion Raids and dailies when my rested is full but playing 2 MMORPG at the same time is a big nono for me.

But I dont think I will quit LA for Blue Protocol. This anime style is not my thing.


Might go down to maintenance mode, i.e., send stronghold shit for one character in the roster and the rest are on hold.

I’m already rooting for BP because it fit every single check list I want from a game, MMO, anime, pve focus, combat seems responsive too, the only reason left is artist, I’m gonna check her out, see if I’m still having fun doing these dailies, if not, then I’ll be moving on.


Blue Protocol is published by AGS.
Yeaaaah no ty.


No, i wont. It seems that the game will get the same “treatment” as Lost Ark when it comes to some “stuff”. Further i couldnt care less about the game. The classes look boring(from the preview) and i am not into the Sword-Art-Online look. Genshin looks better in my opinion. :slight_smile:

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No not a chance. Still loving Lost Ark



Gonna give it a try , can’t be worse than LA at last.


Most of the problem from SGR? :joy:

Why you then still play it xd

I quitted because of the 20 listing limit, so yeah, maybe i’ll try blue protocol

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i mean i’d still play if the game wasn’t dead and the pvp Q was less than 1hour since i’m not into p2w pve.

LA is not dead or did I miss something? PVE is also not p2w more like pay2lose xD


yeah sure , so much p2lose that everyone rmt for billions and it had more than 1M bots farming golds…


SG has nothing to do with our issues, it’s the publisher. It will be another glorious sh*tshow.


Nope. Game haven’t even launched and its already looking grim aswell. I’ll stay with the garbage i’m already familiar with :joy:

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Doubt it… just looking forward to Ashes and riot mmo at this point, whenever those release


Looks at lost ark korea…

Then looks at New World into Lost Ark west for AGS…

AGS haven’t learnt anything, they are highkey the most failed studio in the last decade, with a majority of their projects crumbling

False bans in New World + Lost Ark = Check.
Terrible servers in New World + Lost Ark = Check.
Censorship/westernization in Lost Ark + Blue Protocol = Check.
Poor Marketing in Lost Ark + New World = Check.

^ SG has nothing to do with any of those “coincidences” (correlations)