Will Zinnervale open?

I just want to know if Zinnervale will open or not. Wasting my time on server screen to see if i can join my friends is not something i would call healthy or fun.


The alternative is that you sit staring at a queue for hours - which “waste of time” do you want ?

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True can we get some infos ??

zinnervale is full. Why on earth would you wish to join the like of myself who have to que for 7 hours plus to play…

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Because we have our friends there …

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I don’t care about Q time. If i had a problem with Q time i would have talked about Q time. :face_exhaling:

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Friends is a simple enough answer? Dnt care about Q time, being alone on a server and not having fun is worse than 1 hour Q time.

I totally get that unfortunately not much can be done about the situation until hype starts to dwindle and people get bored of the game and move on. They have stated that they will monitor the situation in regards to locked servers

If you think the queue is 1 hour - prepare to be very disappointed.

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With 20k Ques im going to say no lol

you may not care but plenty do ags have there hands tied in a cant please every one situation right now

There is nothing to monitor. Just open it since already failed, people have been give the free option to move their founders pack and that is 1.5 million. Wait no even that is not working.

I’m 3 hours into a queue and I’m only 2/3 of the way there =(

Sitting in the same situation. Have a char with alot of progress that i used with my 3days headstart plus al my weekend. Now i have to start over?

a simple “we will work on a transfer option for founders” would be nice so i can atleast continue with my progress. Leveling is moslty solo anyway

even with the option for founders like myself to move all other servers are rammed now also… out of all the available server 6 are full to the point where no new players are able to join.

not really. i made a char on thaemine and logged isntantly, you barely need to wait 15-30mins during peak hours.

then have your friends move there… or do they not want too have to start a fresh charecter like the rest of us?

they keep saying, this option is not part of the game so we will not be getting this. i suggested a free migration but this is the answer we got.

im from 3 ’ clock up to 10 k and still waiting. hope they do somtihng to increase capacity

These are lies because korea infact have had a few transfers already. Should not be a problem and should solve the imbalance in the servers. Might thake a while to implement thought and that i understand fully. But to answear “its not an option” and it does not exist in the game is ignorant

Keeping these queue times as is, is not healthy anyway