Wish it showed my damage % when MVP as Support

When I get MvP on my Paladin there are 1 or 2 open slots where it could show my damage done %. I’m fairly sure I am above the “fighter” minimum damage done % sometimes but it just never EVER shows it for certain content (like it’s disabled for support). Even if it was below 10% I really wish it would show it. No one cares about the other numbers… yay I did 78% of the healing… cmon man just show my damage done ><.

I see my damage done % in the Cube all the time so I know it is possible in some content.

The game would be better if we could always see our own damage done % on the MVP screen.

Also why does it show the trash damage done? It promote bad gameplay. People blowing their V’s on trash instead of the boss.

And failed kill attempts count too? What use is that? MvP Screen needs some work plz