Wishes for the near future

Hello, fellow lost ark players!
This is my wish list for the near future (within 2 to 3 months)
Upgrade the UI so that we can see all the info in the ESQ menu (Daily unas, chaos dungeons and guardians).
Upon the release of Arcana, she needs to have the new UI where players can see the card stacks close to her just as Deathblade has in Korea.
Allow us to queue from any point in a major city just as Korea got recently.
Allow us to choose a profile for each mode of the game, for example: Using chaos build for cube and chaos dungeons always without having to change build, same for Raid and Boss rush.
Upgrade the NPC that can dye skins to be able to craft skins, yes it’s available in Korea as well, you can craft every raid skin available in the game and you can also see what it looks like before you craft it.
And lastly, I hope we get 2 classes released every 2 months as well as 3 packs of dyeable skins every month since there are so many skins for us to catch up, if we just get 2 packs of skins every month its gonna take years for us to reach the same level of Korea.

Hopefully, this reaches smilegate and Amazon :slight_smile: