Wishlist is now complete for me atleast

All i wanted was Scouter and the tron skins/mount and now we have both

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the bad thing is we wont get the weapon for scouter


You can now send your wishes to the other people who were in your shoes :see_no_evil:

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Ban destroyers with mokoko skins and “bonk” in name

Ban scouters with iron man skins

Simple as

is there no weapon chest or something?

Who hurt you?

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“MokokoStroyer” with a typical reddit reply. Geez when was the last time you had an original thought? This game is sure full of bots.

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For me was the skin tiger weapon for my striker. So I’m with you brother :grin:

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Reddit is before our time man.


are you the guy. Who accused me of skipping content without any clue about what content i have done?

You know, that kind of person who just wants to talk about things without being informed of the topic?

Kinda like the person who thinks the world revolves around them, and if someone is above or below your expectation there is a flaw?

Are you that guy?

Yes but until now you can’t get future weapons for the actual skins, for example with the destroyer you couldnt get the omen hammer even if it exist in KR

The skins are before Scouter release.
Previous weapon boxes in our version has only had the classes on skin release as possible users.
(and the boxes have not been updated for later classes)

So if they do not change it the weapon is lost to Scouter (and later classes).

We might, it depends if the Scouter comes out before the 28th or not