Witcher Event Feedback

1st. Story.
What you came up was ok but not good enough. I enjoyed miniquest with tracking mode taken from witcher game. But… you have lost a potential minigame… you already have snowpang… and players of witcher know the quest when we fought Ciri as Witcher in snowball fight [ lost potential for a fun game that you already had mechs for ]. You could also make a fight with an enemy from witcher world… so much lost potential. Geralt, triss, ciri, yennefer as siderials for some interesting event dungeon… You really dont care and dont know how to use your imagination.

2nd. Skins…
Really… like really… Witcher and Ciri skins are nice but you left out 3 other characters… look

Those could be nice skins for the characters to enjoy. Even the Dandelion one [ witcher worlds version of mokoko lol skin ]

3rd. Potions. Those are not op but interesting. Why not learn a recipe to craft them ? Sth simple because of low benefits. People could make them for lols and gigles.

4th. Vendor. No vendor on the island ? Why? You could have always made some witcher coins or sth like that exchangable for pirate coins or some potions or some battle items [ this would be best as witcher world is full of alchemy and could have their own version of our destro, sleep, whirlwind potions ].

Use the opportunities better. Event could be a lot better and interesting. You have missed a lot of potential here, but you could always use this event to be repeated and improved. More skin options = more money. A little fun = more attached to the game despite boring 2x chaos 2x guardian per char daily chore. [ make it 1x god damn it ]. You can make those interesting with quite low effort [ all i mentioned does not require any new mechs ] but you choose to just brush us off… why ? I like the frame of the game and many players do. Do not punish us for playing it like this.

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Heya @Lagr,

Thank you for your feedback about the Witcher event. I have forwarded your feedback to the Development team to review.

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what event? you mean that island that i went and pressed G fifty times in 4 days and got some rewards i will never use? That was an event? im shocked :smiley:
Lets not forget the ttv skin drop that NO ONE uses cause its bad and cant be dyed…

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Most of the collabs the witcher has made with other games are small, like this one, just a character or a skin :x

I thought the island festival part wasn’t bad. I was just disappointed the event didn’t end with a guardian raid with a witcher monster. Monster Hunter World fought a lechen when they did a collab. So I was kinda expecting something similar.

i cant call it an event even. visit island for 2 min 5 days in a row. get nothing good.
the whole event was made to sell skins for real money. and its sad.

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exactly. Thats one of the wasted potential i was talking about. Ciri/tris/grralt/yennefer could be siderials for this battle. That would have been a nice battle.

and they didnt even include other skins that people could desire to buy… Since the witcher world has portals and story to be compatible for sth like this, the possibilities could have been endless.
Imagine that you go to vykas and you have to fight the primorial vampire instead. ( lust metter would be blood boil or sth like that metter and only throne mech vould be replaced as it wouldnt fit )

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