Witcher event is just a 10m quest...?

Just did the story on the island, but the last thing on it was the cat/meat quest (won’t give any more details to not spoil anything), which rewards you with the sticker pack, but then… nothing else?

No more quests? No more story? No rewards or anything else? Is this it?
Not complaining here. Just actually confused as I don’t really see a point on all the fuss about it. Was expecting a lot more, so maybe I’m just confused if there will be more to do tomorrow on the island or if it is only this.
Anyone know?

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I’m stuck in the same spot. It looks like a missing quest trigger for the 2nd step. I have been looking all over the island

Yeah I looked for a while as well, but couldn’t find anything.
Is there supposed to be more after this?

In the Quest Journal there is a questline of 5 quest, we did the first one but the second one called “Song of the Bards” isnt in the island or anywhere to be found. i guess its another bug or maybe its daily gated

Oh yeah, I completely forgot about it. Maybe it’s bugged?

After you complete it, a popup comes up and says “Talk to Geralt tomorrow”. I think you have to visit daily.


Did it really? xD
I guess I must have skipped it lol

I guess I’ll wait for tomorrow and see if it shows up. Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

I finish the 5 quest i got the reward, i learn them but i dont have the song or the emotes. Definitely bug!!!

It’s not an emote lol
It’s a sticker pack

I wonder waht there is after 5 days quest, vendor or that’s all ?

Emotes will be earned across daily quests, and are not all available on the first day


like said before : its stickers which we got yesterday , no emotes… you have to look in the Selfie - section of your selfie-camera , and that songs are aswell no songs its musik for the musibbox… guys…