Witcher twitter trailer?

Why is Ciri’s ass the new challenge for the Witcher exactly?


Here’s a fun fact that will light the forums on fire, that outfit Ciri is wearing is what the Artist would have been wearing in game.


Censor the camera angle AGS isn’t that what you guys do? :grinning:


Weren’t you watching the trailer? Because that’s what Witchers do

Forget ciri where is keira?


A fellow man of culture.

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Are you saying pants are bad too now? Can’t win I guess.

Ags trying to figure out how to censor pants

yea they changed the trailer and removed the artist from it.

Project much? I made no claim to want any change at all. I just found it odd that they would focus on her ass during that declaration. Actually found it pretty funny.

Who is he talking to LULW


Strange I got a notification you replied to me.

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censor thosevideo man

get over yourself…

Or what?

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