With all the events and game being released longer. Does anyone notice worse skill level players in T3?

Ive 9 alts at various stages. When i play in lower lvl t3 content its so obvious that people that have no clue how to play are now in T3.

Night fox is the clearest example. On my alts in that range. 90% of the time im the only one to bring a phero.

No one throws grenades at stagger. No one knows their destruction abilities.

Not blaming the game. Its always going to happen. But some of the things you see at T3 now makes you wonder how people got there.

I was in discord doing a vykas run with a group of randoms. One guy was saying how in orhea hard he had a zerker apply to the group who had mayhem and stabilised status.

The guy said the zerker didnt know that z activated mayhem mode. He had played to t3 as mayhem zerker without ever using mayhem.

Also found it hilarious he ran mayhem and stabilised status.


ppl use phero on small maps like yoho? such a waste


People who rush with third party RMT. They use gold to bypass any learning land at the end game and have obvious short comings.

Its literally such little gold and saves time. Why wouldnt you

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saves maybe 10 sec vs flare

Who uses flare / pheros on Yoho’s map, literally saves 30 seconds on average.

here we go bunch of cheap people right here


when you hear they won’t use chaos shards…

Lol why is eveyone cheap. Legit 3 gold worth of battle items to do the mechs properly.

Also lets be honestly. You are all hoping someone else throws a phero for you.


Why bother.

nah I use phero and flare and bombs on large maps or bosses that require it. Even if its not my turn to use it.

Game has only been out for 5 months, cant expect all players to follow in KR footsteps.
It prolly took them a year or more until they set up that 1,2,3,4 group nr rule.

small maps like yoho… cba

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sometimes i throw but i m not so sad at yolo if no one does its a small map after all … but yeah since most mains moved on the twinks are often worse played and worse equipped so the fight gets mroe annoying. The phero on iggrexion is / was a bigger issue. But sometimes i see some strange numbers where the barly equiped twink which i think has to be carried hits some 50% dmg out i m kind of surprised :stuck_out_tongue:

Why you bother ? Ignore it just spread and you will find boss again in 15 sec. Write this post on forum will take longer …

i really hype for soon the global honing buff … never did deskalua on ilvl but it seemed like a way better fight :stuck_out_tongue:

Yoho is pain these days on EUC. My alts are all 4x3 with level 5 gems and core tripods minimum, solo is 3 to 4 minutes based on class. I made a dps build for my Bard because these runs would on average take 7 to 9 minutes.

Deskaluda feels fine, though. But Argos P3 can be hit or miss aswell lately. It is what it is.

Can do that quite easily on my 5x1 destroyer in trash accessories i randomly found. Alts are vastly more powerful than mains were at the same level.

Oh yeah for sure. I’m so glad I got off even from Deskaluda, because rather than clearing the raid in a few minutes, it often started going towards the 10min mark with me being at least 50% of the boss damage, even when you get cucked by your teammates when they’re horrible and spin the boss around in circles while not really contributing to any counters or DPS for that matter. At 1460, that’s no longer a problem and Night Fox at 1370 is super easy anyways that even if the group is horrible, there’s rarely any problems regardless

yeh, the one that requires everyone actually using counter all the time. It will be so great when the silt gets there.

Not using consumables on small maps is just an excuse. People don’t really use them on turtle either. Saving flares for Valtan Vykas Brelzhaza

Items are expensive.

haha yeah yesterday was my first Yoho Wipe :rofl: