With brelshaza hard are we gonna get esther weapon?

@Roxx any news about this?

esther weapons are too evil for our society. so No


Do you really want a 50k$ weapon in the game?

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esther weapons will kill medeia , slime etc competitions …

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no it wont because there wont be enough materials initially to even make one

also slime and medeia are equalized. the problem is peoples engravings not their gear

A 50k weapon that would in reality cost only like 10k because G2G prices thus causing more economic turmoil than we already have

Gotta get the bots and third party RMT under control first, and yes I said under control, not 100% gone, because that’s not gonna happen realistically

Only then will be get the leviathan bait with a .001% drop chance for us plebs to make bank

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the cost is mostly from the mat that is a rare drop


People were foaming at their mouths about legendary skins. What do you think is gonna happen when these guys want to collect 96 esther souls… each soul being minimum 1 million gold

we are almost February ,that response was month ago

its not that time yet

It cost $30+ for 100k illegal gold right now. It’s more efficient to pay the legal way.

If their captcha system work like intended and there’s no way to bypass it. It will probably stop the majority of the automated bots. Image recognition tech always has been a problem for bot developers. (They need Ai tech/Library for it, and it’s not easy to build one from scratch, especially when the image are detached from real world concepts)

And that’s a good thing that it’s working so hopefully we’ll start to see it on the rest of Global and start to experience some normalcy without bots

But at this point who the fuck knows what normalcy will look like, only time will tell

The response also said that when it comes to the time that they have made a decision, they will share the plan. Come on, read.

it was month ago,in 2 months we will get brel hard. Is something very important because from their response people will buy/sell their stuff. 2 months before the release is not too early.

Again, they said that when they make a decision, they will let everyone know. This is pretty self-explanatory. If there hasnt been an announcement, there hasnt been a new decision. Simple. Come on.

Hope it will come so every life skill item will skyrocket and a lucky drop from abre or kukou can make you basically rich. Don’t care about how much it cost, i won’t make it and i don’t care if anyone will make it, good for them to have that much money i guess. You all should just care about yourself and not what other do, no one forces you to craft it and go to +8, you don’t need it like legendary skins, the fact that these were delayed cause people were crying about 3% dmg disgust me a lot.

Yea i hope too.

But need to be lucky and copium alot :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably not I’d guess. People will complain something something “inequality”.

yeah people were crying about the damage … right keep coping