With the 2nd server merge happening soon in EUW!

It would be nice to have at least some hope that we will eventually be merged to EUC.

Give us a glimpse of hope so we can either keep playing this game or quit altogether. At least don’t waste our time and then come december or january and you tell us that there is no region merge at all.

Tell us that at least there’s one Smilegate employee doing some coding for a region merge.

New world has region merges - AGS knows how to do it, so the “there is no tech at the moment” talk is huge BS.

Give the poor roster lvl 200 people in EUW some hope. thanks


I think only way for region merge is if everyone’s characters and guilds got “wiped” and you will have to insert a new name for them. Cause names and guilds are region based.

On the new server:

Character name - followed by former server name

Guild name - followed by former server name

Is that really that hard to implement? ^^


I’m laughing every time someone brings the “char name issue” for region merge. Small companies in 2000s could do what @Castingbeast said but apparently it’s a magical non-existent tech in 2022, even with the Biggest Company in the World being the West publisher - company that aims at owning the entire world’s server connectivity

That’s pathetic


just helped a new player in achates guardian raid, and i told him about restarting in Euc. he had no clue about the euw dead region situation. he didnt even know how to switch regions, and i explained it to him.

AGS is literally potentialy losing players in the long term if they keep this pigstay situation going for much longer.

How crazy it is for newplayers using their hard earned money to get to legion raids and get rejected cuz no one in euw is gonna accept new players into their alt runs.

Merging servers won’t save EUW. I’m sorry but it is already dead. Like 2 weeks after its launch.

amazon knows how to do region merge with “New World” account service then lost ark is the same. maybe a bit of coding from smilegate and thats it. thens its all on amazon to either transfer the data through connection or physical data transfer.

There is no point in maintaining a region with only two servers. But it is also true that the euw market is more scarce and less demand. A fairer market, without so many veterans who have been preying on the rookie for months from the top of the x6 or rmt legion gold print. Being more feasible in euc launch the alters like crazy to make a legion at any time.