With the reaper out, can we get 1st joz jar skins?

It shouldn’t take these many months to figure out how to implement the Joz jar skins in a fair way. Call a meeting, speak about the problem, offer solutions, as a team decide which method is better and work on implementing it.

Hey there @darvgm!

At the moment we don’t have any updates to share regarding the Yoz’s Jar, my apologies for that.

In case there’s any announcement related to it, it will be posted at the News and announcements section..

If there’s anything else I can help you with let us know, stay safe!

@Santoryu how come you guys respond to posts like this, but when someone actually has an issue you don’t respond/reply?? I made a post two days ago and still no response or reply

Hey I’m sorry to know about that, can you tag me on that post so I can check if I can help you with something from my end?

lmao, the best thing reaper has is the 1st joz jar skin. This is a real issue.