With Yoz's jar gone how do we get those purple skins?

First of all I want to thank AGS for listening to players feedback.

Now that Yoz’s jar is canceled, will we ever be able to get those purple skins that come in the draw pool? Some of them are nice, especially the weapons skins.

I am not sure how AGS/SG will be able to reimplement the system as Yoz’s jar essentially introduces the fabric crafting system for skins. Which not only includes legendries, also the 12 “purple” skin sets. Plus we are probably losing the ability to craft ALL previous tier armors as skins at the dye vendor due to fabrics being removed. That’s another 6 or 7 set of skins.

A non loot box solution to legendary avatars does seem more fair to the player base. However in my opinion to redesign and replace such complex system could take up to months to complete. And that is if SG agrees to allocate additional budget to make the change at all.

We got the Umar skin instead, which I m sure was suppose to release next month anyway. Losing 20 sets of skins in the upcoming patch, worth it? what do you guys think? It be great if someone can link those weapon skins here for the community to see.

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You’ll never get them. That’s the trade off for complaining about the system in the first place. You really think Smilegate will do more work to accommodate western players? It’s a legitimate question. The amount of people in KR who have issues with Yoz is very small. I’m not exaggerating. They’re an extreme minority because most players understand what Yoz is and how it works.

Smilegate does not offer those purple or legendary skins any other way. It’s up to the players to list them on the market. If you think that SG will separate skins that are in Yoz and offer them to western players at a reduced price, you’re delusional. Same with legendary skins. You’ll never see them. Why? Because they come with **absolutely ** minuscule stat %’s. That fact alone will cause western players to blow a gasket.

Legendary skins are not required to raid in KR. They’re not required for the latest Abyss Dungeons(current content) in KR. Smilegate will NOT wipe the stats from the gear and then offer it to western players. Smilegate has already made numerous concessions for western players and it’s apparently not enough.


Lol false. That entire region is where those type of rng systems are more popular.

Hence why people always reference it in Chinese/Korean/Japanese games.

It’s simply more acceptable. Has nothing to do with understanding.

Obviously people just making stuff up now since they mad :rofl:.

They made countless changes to our version, saying they won’t continue on that path, is completely foolish.

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I do not see the problem with yoz jars lootbox system, we have cardpacks

I do not see the problem with 1% increase on leg skins, we have cards and cardsets from cardpacks…the entire thing is stupid

Oh well, I was looking forward to getting some cool looking purple weapon skins from the loot box next week. I guess is all unavailable now :(.

Some people have a really warped perception of how good they got it. About the only thing I can think of off the top of my head that is better for the Western audience is the pet stat rerolling. We have less ways to earn gold, we have less ways to earn honing materials, we have no Valtan honing buff (still!), we have untradeable Argos gear, so on and so forth. Amazon isn’t out here doing you any favours. They’re milking you (read: whales) at every opportunity.

The Yoz Jar removal just takes skins out of the game with no alternate solution for acquiring them.

Cant even see from that tiny image if anything would be worth getting

Tastes and colors but honestly, I will not miss them at all.
I don’t find them particularly nice.

You don’t lol

Press on the image before making a comment? or ctrl +?

some of the weapons are really nice.

You will have to wait a little for them to change them to either event bound, or direct store bought.

But thank god the Jar didnt come.

You don’t

If company changes the way how to get the legendary skins in much easier way, company could face tons rage and complains from other region communities that already had jar system for a year or months, about the unfairness ( they already talking about how much Na/Eu crybabying and complaining everytime already) So, I really don’t know when will we get lego skins or we will just never get those. Could be some possible ways to bring just cosmetic part, like they can just change all of those to epic skins and sell it in in-game store.

we well never see them thanks to all the crybabies.

Yeah i did and the image is size of an matchbox :thinking:

Gotta be a serious tinfoil warrior to think that they removed jar due to “player feedback”. It was a lie. Like 99% of other statements they made.

Covering up their fear of the ongoing EU legality and gambling fiasco with “player feedback” is just ridiculous.

Nobody asked for the jar to get removed.

I could not care less if those skins appeared in the shop for cash ALONGSIDE the jar. Removing and altering game assets and mechanics? That’s different. That’s a big no. And amazon has repeatedly broke the big no. Reputation is ruined forever. It is what it is.

Skin crafting, pet farm, and legendary skins will not be coming to this version of the game. Only when they add Esther weapons, where you need to spend 20k to get them, then they’ll be able to add these mechanics, because people will be too busy crying about p2w again.