Withholding content is the worst possible marketing strategy

Just catch us up to Korea, nobody wants this. Nobody wants the drip feed into irrelevance. Who, I want to know who, asked for this.

I just really want to know who the f-- wants this dripfeed system, I really do. Our partial Tier 3 build is actually embarrassing.

Pull the ripcord it didn’t work, this is ridiculous. They seemingly want this game to fade into obscurity.

Smilezon: Let’s do a year of re-developing the game slowly into something that resembles Lost Ark until it becomes irrelevant

I have to say AGS is the least consumer friendly games company in the world, and EA and Ubisoft exist. Ten years. Five billion dollars. Zero success stories.

Fool me twice shame on me, I guess.


I want dripfeed content
I’m not even in tier 2 and there is many other players like me
From what I heard is that in korea ilvl 1-1300something is baby mode
Well I would prefer if it wasn’t , I want to experience all the content slowly

But I do want all the classes available so they can release the skins
Dripfeeding classes is bad

Your kinda being silly, the game is an mmorpg and its an old one OFC they withhold content.

It’s silly until it kills the game in NA/EU.

Amazon decided that they would rather sell costumes to 30,000 players instead of 800,000. It’s quite an amazing business strategy.


They’re overestimating their staying power because of arrogance. They’re releasing a roadmap for April… in April? What does that prepare us for?

This is the strategy for like all korean games.

They say bs things like, “we want to make the game appeal to western audience” and then do nothing to appeal to the western audience. Lmao.

This makes me think most of the bs we’re dealing with is actually on SG and not AGS.

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I made a thread about how it is SGR probably 90% of the way with the NA/EU design, and Amazon’s job is to shuffle their feet and poorly lie to us.

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