Without regional pricing for SA servers, its 100% cheaper to buy gold from 3p websites

Royal Crystals are beyold expensive, i almost had a heart attack looking at the price for a character slot expansion. Even the Aura pricing is just WAY too much for us here, its 5x more expensive then a Amazon Prime sub (FIVE TIMES).

The situation is so bad, i checked and its literally 100% more cheaper buying gold from a third party website and getting the aura with crystals. With the same price (around R$50) you can buy 2 months worth of aura instead of 1 month from the ingame shop.

I love this game and i want to support it, but we NEED reginal pricing.



The pricing of the skins in mindblowing, WE NEED regional pricing



The problem has nothing to do with third party gold sellers and 100% to do with regional prices.

It’s literally always going to be cheaper to buy through a third party hacking and bottling to get the gold because no one would buy it and risk the ban otherwise.

Stop essentially marketing their services and stick to the actual issue your region needs addressed.


How can i not make a comparison between them and the non regionalized pricing, when theres no punishment for buying gold and the only people getting scammed are the ones not using their services? How can i pay 10% of the minimum wage for a skin in the store while others are buying 3x that value from bots without punishment?

NA and Eu people have the choise to pay a fair price (ingame shop), or a extremely cheap deal with bots.

While we from the SA server have to pay a total of 13 months worth of amazon prime / Endwalker + 1 months of sub / Two copies of New World, FOR A SKIN

or we can pay a FAIR price from the bots.

There is 100% punishment for people buying gold. You can guarantee they’re banning the heck out of people buying gold because they’re losing sales.

They are 100% braindead for not setting prices based on regions and living wages of the countries people are playing in however. I think they’re afraid if they make it an actual reasonable price for you, people in other locations will play there because it’s cheaper for them. But they’re going to lose a whole region of players if they don’t change prices.

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@Roxx can we please get a statement on this? it’s nigh impossible for most SA players to spend money on the game because everything is ridiculously expensive compared to our wages

Roxx already said that they have no plans for regional pricing. People don’t get banned i think they just give you some warning.

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Well, if that’s the case, then you had us the solution. I’m quitting right now because of shop prices until they do something about it. Since it seems that it will never happen, let’s play some other game. See you guys

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I heard they get banned, but is a 24 hour ban, rather than a permanent ban. The SA players are right in this regard, I just don’t know how viable it is to have regional pricing.

For example, in EU, those outside of EU think that all countries use euro. Wrong. Quite a few still have their own currency. My country included. Not to mention that the value of an euro in Southern Italy is different than in Germany because of the wage gap.

My country, which is in the EU, has its own currency, which has 5 times less value than the euro. But I am still paying in euro in the shop. Is it fair? Maybe not. Not to mention that the medium wage in my country is like 30-40% less than the medium wage at EU level.

Yeah i agree, it is fked up what they are doing. I am a Turkish player and we got boned because people abused the steam market and by that other 3rd world countries got shafted alongside with us. I am just playing it for fun at this point with friends until some other good mmo release.

I did some math yesterday(because a thread popped up with someone being banned for buying gold for 3 days), he said he bought 1 mil gold

Right now, 1 mil gold is 500$ if the rates that bots spam in chats for the last 2-3 days are real… However, if you were to buy royal crystals with 500$ from amazon, you’d only get 252k gold max(eu central region)

(This is just to exemplify how expensive royal crystals are, I do not endorese RMT in any way and hope they all get perma banned)

They really need to get harsher sentences on gold sellers, but regional pricing makes no sense in mixed regions.

How’s that fair for someone in MD, Ukraine, Albania, Belarus? How can they compare to someone in Germany, or switzerland, or whatever?(pictured below:average wages in europe)

The reality of this is, it can’t be fair either way… The world itself is not fair so a game can’t do much about that

They’ve literally said on the forums the bans are indefinite. The 1-3 day bans that people are hearing about are the initial “timeout” of sorts while they doublecheck and investigate the account to confirm before they permaban

Yea mate. They’ve literally said alot of things on the forums, and alot of things in the support system(including confirming bans are not always permanent)
Some of the banned people themselves, are also literally playing the game… there’s alot of conflicting information.

If there’s anything to go by, is ags just being ags and repeating every single thing they did in new world starting from the server issues, support giving out different info than forum guys, “perma banning” gold buyers for 3 days and letting them keep their gold, going back on their words on forums calling it “miscommunication”(I’m not necessarily hating on them, just stating stuff that happened in both games, I’m still supporting the game, and I do enjoy the game)

You can’t seriously claim that just because someone said a thing on a forum, that’s reality. More often than not, it hasn’t been the case with them.

Also, whoever tells you on the forums that the bans are permanent has no way of enforcing that, or banning/unbanning people, as it was also “literally said” on the forums

I mean the person who said these bans are meant to be permanent is the Community Manager for the game who stated they went and confirmed with the team so I’d believe them over some random players.

I’d especially believe them over the kind of people who are selling gold, saying “the bans are a short period and you get to keep the gold” since they’re obviously gonna propaganda that to keep people feeling safe to buy their gold (and then get banned lol)

There are also people on the forums saying they know someone who bought gold and was permabanned

The same one that said there are a number of factors that go into the severity of bans?
Seems pretty contradictory to YOUR claim that all gold buyers are perma banned. Sure, let’s believe the community manager. Seems to align with my claim, not yours.

I mean, if they were to always be perma bans, there would be no severity, it would be a static thing. Severity implies a scale

PS:Community managers have a different job from people that actively ban people, get that in your head please

(not trying to take a dig at Roxx or anything, I think they are doing a great job, just posted counter examples to your claim that bans are permanent and that’s all there is to it)

There is absolutely 0 way in all of creation that RMT is not a permaban for every single person caught.

It takes money straight out of Smilegate and Amazon’s pockets and we know exactly what Amazon will do for money lol

The ONLY reason there are claims that people are getting 1-3 day bans and keeping the RMT’d gold is because the sellers are sending out a shitload of fake propaganda (that people are falling for and spreading) because they want you to feel safe buying from them

You’re literally arguing against the words of the community manager you said you’d trust, without absolutely ANY sliver of proof whatsoever.
You’re not here to discuss, you’re here to convince yourself that you’re right, when you’re clearly not.

When specifically asked if a rmt gets a perma ban, the answer said it’s a perma ban for SUBSTANTIALLY LARGE VALUES(meaning those under a hidden threshold that they don’t disclose won’t be perma banned)

If even after this you still stand by your absolutely stupid claim, “There is absolutely 0 way in all of creation that” your iq is above 25, or that you’ll learn to read and accept a comment that corrects you


Don’t buy from websites, thats likely to come from bots (like g2g, dfg seems “fine”). If you want to commit this bannable offense, at least get it from a honest player who is getting rid of their own farmed gold

This rmt issue will never go away, the least the people who do this can do is to not shaft players by endorsing botting :frowning:

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