Woke up. It's noon here. Queue already

Hello devs,

I know that you are trying to save money and you wait for people to move to another server or quit the game, but please, use some of the money we gave you and fix the servers so that we can all enjoy the game when we power up our PCs.

It’s just noon here in Romania and queues are already killing us. When we get in the crystaline aura most of the times doesn’t work and when we try to actually play the game, we cannot queue to any content as the game doesn’t matchmake us at all because of the server issues.

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It is not going to get solved any time soon… so get used to it.

After they opened EUW they lowered server caps so the game is at least playable… but that increased queues. They pretty much got no solution at this point. There is no fixing servers… they can only lower the capacity further.

So you got two choices… Get used to queues or go west.

12:00 it was 7500
12:17 -

OR EUW crowd is back.

if it continues for 1 more week. I’m going to ask for a refund on the founder packages at the expense of the ban.

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During the week we have the release of Elden Ring and Guild Wars 2 expansion. The queues will get slightly better. But it will take while to reach reasonable numbers.

There is no guarantee that that will be the case. It is a gamble. Anyway, it is pretty clear at this point that AGS/SG have no solution for this and they will most likely wait for this to solve itself. Meaning that they will wait for people to get tired and quit playing.


Steamstats show 600k players running game. Since Sunday’s “fix”, peak player count went from 1.2M to 1.0M in 2 days. I have feeling we will be down another 100k today.
People are not moving to EUW in frustration, they are quitting.

Amazon’s backend for Commerce and matchmaking servers could not handle full population of 19 servers. So they reduced population per server drastically.
If population decrease continues, we may have acceptable login queues in a week. But we will still have overloaded matchmaking/commerce. (as they are region wide)
And on top of that, population on each server will be half (at best) of what we had at launch with 9 servers.

In meanwhile EUW servers will be almost ready for merging. And then, maybe in few more weeks, Amazon does only sensible thing they should have done (after they stupidly introduced another 10 servers into EUC), and will move entire servers in between regions… to balance load for region-wide backends.

And then they can increase player capacity per server again, as that was not problem originally.
(We are at 27 servers total in EU. We should stay at 24 total. So they should merge 3 servers. And then have 12/12 per region.)

And last step… Throw freakingly good apology and get players back. Because they owe people that much.
(And in between, that manager who made decisions should contemplate about cost of opportunity loss in front of his bosses.)

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