Wolf mount collection achievement

I couldn’t find the last two in the Codex or the internet. Does anyone know where to get the last two of these mounts?

The Wild Blue Wolf is from Una rep : Eating with the wolves
Idk for the red one :frowning:

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Correct me if im wrong, i believe red wolf is rng drop from chaos dungeon, and bound to account.


I had the Red Mane drop from a chaos dungeon. Not sure if that is the only way to get it though.

edit: info for the other mount here: Starting off you will be needed to head to Shushire and begin the questline for the continent. Upon finishing several quests, you will stumble upon an NPC named Gray Wolf Bandit Dades.

He will have a quest named “To the end of the cliff”. Once you finish the quest he will reward you with the Frost Wolf Mount and you will be able to equip it and ride it.

These two wolves I got, the other two are from dailies and NPC Rapport with the Shushire wolf named Poppy.

My question is about the last two which are alled “Tamed” Red Wolf and Wild Blue Wolf. :frowning:

This is the daily I mentioned above :slight_smile:

This is Vanity wolf.

Not Wild Blue Wolf, who is Rarity Epic and unfound even in KR

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Frost Wolf: Story
Shadow Wolf: Poppy Rapport
Vanity Wolf: Una Task
Red Mane Wolf: Chaos Dungeon
Wild Blue Wolf: ???
Tamed Red Wolf: Forpe(?)

I want this title myself, but the fact that wild blue wolf is listed, but it’s no where to be found sucks. Also still feel like information for this game is scarce or scattered. I wish all the places that made sites for information on this game were combined into one instead of them all trying to make their own thing. Might be easier to find more obscure things. Game needs an actual official wiki.

Thought Forpe might have Tamed Red Wolf, but it doesn’t. It’s actually the exact same mount you can RNG from chaos dungeons. So where the hell do you actually get Wild Blue and Tamed Red?

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Exactly, I had hoped ppl in Korea perhaps found them but apparently noone knows.

Is the Mount contained in the Amethyst MPC also included in this achievement?

it is not

is this the wolf you’re talking about? i asked, but the person never responded.

It doesnt look like any of these that I’ve collected so far, it seems possible


Hihi, I know you’re a fox lover and this is a wolf topic but… please help us out xD

Any idea how to get these last 2 wolves?

So after a bit of googling, I found this:

This is the achievement in korean

This is one of the wolves for the achievement, with epic rarity

Comparing the names from achievement and mount:
Should be the same one

Now, if I look at the wolf again and check where it drops
Those are two dungeons. Nice! Almost there. Just need to check where that dungeon is located in-

You need some kind of entrance ticket and Level 50 to enter this dungeon, and the tamed red wolf is a possible reward out of that dungeon.

But wait, a dungeon in Glass Lotus Lake?

But nothing is there in our version.
I dont know if the two wolves have other drop locations, I am also missing the last two for the achievement. But I have a bad feeling that it is some legacy stuff, no longer available but they did not adjust the achievement?

Achievement in Korean
Tamed Red Wolf
Dungeon in Glass Lotus Lake

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Correct, is a rare drop from golden gates.

Only if we had someone to translate that korean achievement for us :stuck_out_tongue:

hello! I just dropped Wild Blue Wolf in a chaos dungeon. here’s the image.


that’s not a wolf man, that’s a cerberus LOL