Wonder if censoring skins from KO is delaying our access

It just seems to me this would be a relatively easy thing for them to launch in NA/EU…the only reason I can think of for the slow rollout is the need for them to modify KO skins that apparently are too exposed for us softies in NA/EU.

There is probably more to it, but I just dont understand why this stuff is so hard for them to release for us.

Nah dude, AGS just thinks skins are content and are drip feeding it to us to increase hype marketing.

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They can’t be criticized for censoring skins if they just never actually release them. :upside_down_face:


^^^^ This…

It took me a minute to figure out what KO was supposed to mean.

Nope, it’s because a lot of the older skin lines don’t have models for newer classes like Gunslinger, Striker and Sorceress. They need time to model new weapons for them.

As for whether it was just a missed consequence of hype releasing newer classes over older classes or a deliberate move so they could “have an excuse” to drip feed us or something else, no one knows, only speculation :person_shrugging: