Wondering how to complete Islands?

So, I’ve been following the times on my ingame compass. I’ve been trying to get the Spida Island Soul. I’ve set my alarm on my phone so that I don’t miss the event but every time I show up it’s just me and one other person and we can’t get the egg cracked.

I have about 2800 hours in to LAO and this is absolutely obliterating my motivation to play. Bosses aren’t scaling with less players, yet it scaled my gearscore down so that I was less effective.

I’ve made 11 attempts recently to the island, I even tried to recruit from public chat.

I’m going to stop trying pretty quickly and if I’m having trouble completing entry level island souls, I don’t see it reasonably possible for me to actually progress further, so why expend the effort? Any suggestions?

I suffer from the same issue with the Gesbroy island soul. If I’m lucky there might be one other person there, who usually leaves a few minutes in after it’s clear there won’t be a third person joining.

What have you been doing all that time?? Let me guess - powerleveling your chars neglecting vertical content to the very end while other players got that sorted out at April/May. Am I right?

What is your mining skill level? for Spida Island I heard you need to be at the bomb level (30) to destroy the egg reliably, or else destroying the egg will take 15-20 minutes or even more.

“6-8 rounds of Mining Bombs from players can break open the egg fairly quickly” according to Maxroll.

Outside of the bomb level, doing it manually takes longer.

“takes 15+ minutes to break the egg by using the mining tool only”

Each egg layer needs 4 bombs to crack it open.

As @Techtus pointed out
4 bombs per layer with a 2-minute cooldown.
So 1 layer takes about 8-9 minutes to break if you’re doing it solo, with the time it takes to plant the bomb.

I don’t know many layers there are though, but you could check it up.

It’s 3 layers + multiple auto attack hits on the last one and the boss itself.
Doable with 6 players if all of them have bombs.
Killing the boss takes a good chunk of time, since you have your stats scaled down to the content ( T1 I believe ).

Dose not matter, it’s bad design, you can do the island 100 times and not get the Token / Sea bounty map or you can get those in few tries.

After you get those no point in doing it anymore.

There are no other incentives to do it.

The fight dose not scale with the number of players this is the main problem.

New players might not care about that island when they start, also even if they want to do it they might not have bombs, since you need lvl 30 mining for that.

You might want to do it in the weekends, but right now is a bad time since brel is out and ppl are spending most of theirs gaming time to progress there.


what server you play? maybe someone can helps you with a few mining bombs

i still remember the good old days when bomber got mass reported, lol

they’re not afk… they have the option to use bomb or mining pick. and they choose bomb. but got mass reported instead :rofl:

Use Instant Una daily pass tickets your problem solved.

Like 5-6 players is enough to finish it , but at least 4 of them need to have bombs.

If you have just those as number there is no need to mine, as that won’t do anything to break a layer , for that you need minimum 10 people to mine, and they still take 6-7 minutes to break a single layer by mining .

I am still trying to get the map from it , some times there are few players on it, but we check who have bombs right at the start , so we know if we can do it or not.

Offer 50g per bomb and people will come.

That would only work if they’ve cleared that quest once.

The first part can be done and solo , so is possible to go there few times and collect enough baskets just from it , and complete the quest once or twice .

It doesn’t work, you need to do the island event(s) for boxes or whatever it was, which then in turn is handed in for the daily quest.
It has been a couple of weeks since my last attempt at it now but I think it required at least 3 people for the events

Island bosses/events really should scale down to the number of players if we are scaling our gear score down.
In my honest opinion, you should be able to solo/duo desolated islands that nobody goes to anymore, like Spida, Orvis, Frostfire, Tookie, Wildwater, etc etc.

I’ve shared feedback with the team regarding this issue, inevitably the interest in these islands will decrease over time, they should scale with the amount of players in the instance. Essentially what @Laleddar said :slightly_smiling_face:.

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