Won't be logging in today for the first time since launch

After the announcement, I simply have no desire to log in today or anyday until Vykas is released in two weeks. I’m not gonna be reactionary enough to say I’m quitting, since I could very well come back for Vykas and continue on playing. But my experience with these sorts of games is that once you break the daily cycle something has broke in the allure and it’s a harder path to get back into the game than just staying gone.

I’m a time whale, a lot of my non working hours have been put into the game and a week ago I finished all the horizontal content I needed. My main is hard mode ready, and I have no desire to trivialize the fight before I even attempt it by pushing well past ilvl. The alts I want to push I’ve pushed, the rest I’m not touching until the stronghold buff. I am simply done with things to do other than the daily chores, and those are miserable to do currently because of the sorry state the game is in with constant queues.

I’m sure it will be twisted to be my fault for progressing too fast, but the thing is - I’m exactly on track with how the release should be and has been for other regions. Vykas released a month after Valtan, and somehow, as the last region released, and with tons of data and practice from other launches we still get constant delays and are treated like 3rd class citizens. Our releases should be smoother than others as they’ve gained experience, and instead it’s the opposite and we get nonstop delays and issues along with awful communication.

Before I get told I’m burned out - I’m honestly not, I still think the game is a gem that’s unfortunately being ruined by incompetence by both companies. I’ve been logging in everyday doing these daily chores for months now, and at this point it’s optimized enough to not take that long - but when you add in several hour long queues as a barrier to even get to the chores, and when you remove the progression side of things through constant delays I’m left feeling like its a complete time waste to even log on. What is account progress going towards? When they’ve disappointed with nearly every single release - when does the faith that things are going to change and get better finally get broken? Why would any of us at this point have any optimism about the long-term future of the game with the track record since launch? The bots and queues could honestly be fixed, will they actually go through with it and ban RMTers and lock servers to do this? I have no idea. But they’re problems with potential solutions. The absolutely abysmal communication, the release schedule that’s continually up in the air until an hour before patch time with frequent delays, the slow response to bugs and issues, the treatment of the western release as 3rd class…I see no reason to ever believe any of these things will ever change. It would require major changes to their entire foundation

One update being a few weeks late shouldn’t decide a person’s fate on playing long-term, but in a sea of constant negativity that is surrounding the entire game at the moment I was hopeful for a ray of light with a fun new release that would give us reason to be excited. This weekend was the only weekend I had off work for a long time, but truthfully after the past few days of silence I knew it wasn’t coming. So I wasn’t shocked, but I was disappointed. There’s only so many disappointments you can take before realizing your time is better spent elsewhere and I wonder if I’m finally reaching that point with Lost Ark


You made it a lot longer than i did brother. Can’t say you didn’t try


I’m right there with you. Today will be my first day not logging in as well. Bots, queues, classes rolling out too slow. Updates feel far apart. Lackluster events. It’s getting old and I love this game.

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and its the same thing with every update, that’s the real problem…

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I’m right there with you in horizontal content and ilvl, but I think bots are a bigger issue than Vykas release. I have a lot less to do during the day in LA, but Vykas coming before bots are removed doesn’t make me feel any better. I’ll still play it because no other good time-sink games out right now.

The economy is really terrible and it’s a big part of LA so I can care less if Vykas is delayed. Adding more to the game doesn’t necessarily make the game better. Fixing current issues improves QoL a lot and bots are the #1 priority.

Agreed, Vykas not being released this week when we are the latest region to receive the game is absolutely disappointing.
Whatever players are left let alone this whole bot and RMT situation are on thin ice, including myself.

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No one cares.

Apparently you do

Dont ping me ever.

I agree with you on the problems with the game 100%.

On the topic of delayed Vykas release compared to other regions though,
KR got Valtan Jan 13th then Vykas on February 24th.
6 Weeks gap.

Assuming we get Vykas next week, we’re still getting it a week faster than they did.

RU had a 2 month gap.

Wish they would have self published by now


AGS providing the infrastructure so they can ruin the game on a larger scale :+1:

Why would you do that to yourself?

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What announcement? Did i miss something new ?

Roxx posted that Vykas won’t be released this Thursday.

How is that news ? Its always been week-week…

Did people actually expect it this week ?

IDK. I thought it was pretty obvious that we weren’t getting it this week based on the lack of any real news on the topic and comparing that to the Valtan release.

well, when someone said june update 16th, and roxx replied with :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: i really thought it would be, but i guess that was just hype marketing

You are playing a video game, no one is treating you like a 3rd class citizen. Try to relax a bit, this isnt that important.