Word get out fast. Content being Nerfed

So base on what i have been told on discord and facebook group. Alot of big guilds from

Galatur and una. Are going to be Quittin Lost ark Because Amazon is going to be Changing the difficulty Raid level to make it super easy.

Why? why are you going to do this?.. Making Hard content is what brings the community together to share ideas on a game. to beat it. to Conquer it. Now its just meh whatever. amazon please dont ruin it.

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They are quitting because of the HP reverts (I think that is what it is anyway) in low-end content? Really? Which guilds? Please name them. Hard to imagine any “big guilds” quitting over reverting the arbitrary HP increases (which doesn’t equal increased difficulty as the folks who didn’t do mechanics before won’t do them now simply because the boss takes less time to down) in low-end content.


Yeah OK. I really don’t see this as a loss.


This is pretty funny. Sharing ideas on how to beat the content? In Lost Ark, you do the mechanics. That’s it. You execute the paint-by-numbers mechanics successfully you beat the boss. You don’t, you lose.

Legion raids are Raids. Guardian raids are tutorials on how to deal with Mechanics. The real challenge modes of the game are void dungeons, abyss dungeons, and legion raids. Guardian raids are glorified daily quests.
If people want to quit over content being less time intensive to clear when you have to do it 2x a day per character, I’d rather they leave than my life be further inconvenienced.
I played on RU, I made it to Punika, I got my 1400+ GS and did actual endgame content, that stuff is crazy challenging, guardian raids are not and they are not supposed to be.

tl;dr Guardian Raids are glorified daily quests, not challenging endgame modes. Just because raid is in the name does not make it a raid in the WoW sense.


They are leaving because Amazon is nerfing T1 and T2? :laughing:

I love how they say they are nerfing the abyss dungeons “a bit” and the whole community has fallen to shambles.

Too much hand holding for people unwilling to learn how to play. Everyone just wants to be carried and faceroll through content mindlessly. No fun.

Well they wanted T3 at start, that had to be expected.

Hyperbole much? No one I’ve seen has said they want easier content. People just want the same level of difficulty as the other regions have. You know, like in KR, where they play the game the way the devs designed it, not the version some rando publishing team has meddled with, because they think they are better game designers than actual game designers.

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Maybe a challenging game but its prone to those things beyond your control.
They should either provide more regionalised servers or lock it to US only and give OCE a final fk you. Same shit happened in ESO, important timing, screwed over by desync.

What’s more funny is that it isn’t even a “nerf” They’re bringing us back in line with how it was on the original servers.

If you don’t like the version of the game on the KR/RU servers, you aren’t going to like it on NA/EU. It’s not going to suddenly become a different game. Just easier to play with lower lag.


Bruh. I’m sure they will :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

and why cant you pass that message on to someone on discord? or in game?