Word to the Wise - Alts, Bifrost Network and Silver Aquisition

What follows is a system that has been working for me that has kept my silver stash above 2.5mil since hitting T3.

I realize that many players are opposed to running alts to funnel resources up the chain to their main. This guide may not be entirely for you, as I have not applied my system to a single character roster.

I’m currently running a main and 3 alts, two of which I pushed to level 50 with the Powerpass option, offered freely as you push your first and second characters to level 50. The third alt I paid the 600 gold at my Stronghold to boost to 50.

So I have a main and 3 alts, all at level 50 or above.

My system is pretty straightforward and has yielded the results below:

At first, I was all over the place with my Daily selections. I started a couple weeks after launch setting up my Bifrost Network to accommodate an expedited “Final Level Complete” status for page one of the Reputation Status tab under Una’s Tasks (Alt + J in game).

This week, I’m focusing on finishing up page two and starting with page three of the Reputation Status tab.

The order in which the Daily Tasks receive Final Level Complete status is arbitrary. The important factor, especially if silver is the aim, is to focus quests with large silver payouts for, not only the Daily Reward, but the various Tiers of completion along the way.

Another practice I’ve begun to implement is saving my tickets (Boss Rush & Cube) until Una’s resets. Weekly missions include the completion of the above ticketed events so, if you save them during the week and run them as Weekly Tasks, you get a higher payout for your point accumulation. I’ve been able to roll an Una’s Box with a chance for a 10K bar every week since I hit level 50 on my main.

One of main bonuses of setting up a Bifrost Network focused on silver acquisition is that completing the Una’s Tasks for silver is also pushing you toward gold acquisition through Una’s Token accumulation and turn ins.

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Thank you for the information, I’ll have to add some of this to my strategy, Always awesome seeing other people strategies.

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Thanks mate! Yeah, I wanted to have some hard results to share (the screenshot of page one Reputation complete) before I went to the forums.

Not all those Reputation completion time frames are the same either, as in, they won’t all complete uniformly.

If you go to Una’s Tasks (Alt + J) and then navigate to the Reputation Status Tab and hit any of the magnifying glass icons under the Rep. Info heading, you can see a listing of current Tier rewards, which it shows already. What many people don’t realize is that you can view all rewards for all Tiers by clicking the Right Arrow in that same window:

There are a couple of mounts hidden behind Tier 3 Reputation completion so, this will help find rewards that may have more of an impact on your current situation.

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One more thing I forgot, which isn’t really associated with silver acquisition through this process, but import to mention for the sake of efficiency of time.

Those Daily turn ins usually involve interaction with an NPC. If so, and that NPC also is a Rapport NPC, play those songs and give those emotes while you’re there.

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There also are island tokens and giant hearts hidden behind una’s. Not always in the reward section but you get an item for example that you need or you activate a questline etc. Also might be worth planning out