Workaround suggestion inside! for EUC -> EU West

HI AGS and LA Team!
I love the game so far.

I am writing to you with a suggestion for making the servers more appealing to “old” players who put a lot of hours in their characters in EUC.

How about an item that when reedemed/clicked gives you XP to go directly to lvl 50?
Or maybe a quest that gives you that XP?
or maybe a MASSIVE boost in XP in EU West that allow for super fast leveling?

That way, we get to lvl 50, we can use the vern pass, and can continue hour adventures.

Final CRAZY IDEA: What happens if you create a “placeholder” lvl 50 character of any class in the accounts? wouldn’t that also allow the usage of a vern pass?

This way we can save at least some time we invested in our characters in EUC.

IDK maybe I’m saying nonsense but I would give those options a try. What do you think?

I hope that AGS Senpai notices me


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I just want my founder’s pack on EUW I don’t mind redoing the story it goes relatively fast if you skip the yellow quests.

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I wish they could just “clone” the Central Server so that we can just play the game where we left… but this will never happen I guess :’(

They actually gave me my bronze founders pack