Working towards better Lost Ark experience

To Whom it My Concern

With getting involved with one of the Closed Beta of Lost Ark NA and accessing game early by purchasing Silver Founder’s pack, all the way to raising my Shadowhunter main to 1435 as of early this week with once or twice visit at Mari’s Secret shop, I hope my sincere plead reaches the CMs and Support team who monitors these threads in this forum, as well, the passionate and dedicated player base of the game we love and cherish.

There are few points I wish to have discussion/communication with the AGS team, and take the opportunity to have more clear conversation to perhaps establish better understanding between us all. Please let me know if you need any clarification on what I wrote below, or if any of what I said is already implemented or in process, or thinks unnecessary. Any and all feedback and response is most welcomed, from both fellow players and AGS members, as long as it does not provoke hate or conflict on purpose.

1. Organizing Forum layout and cleaning up thread types by moderating them with clarity

I would appreciate clarification/correction if I’m not understanding this correctly, but as this forum currently stands, there is no section in this forum that’s something like “Known Issues”, where posts made by CMs or Devs list out the currently reported, whether verified or in investigation stage issues that were pointed out by the community or from testers.

I can name a few threads such as “Game Feedback”, “Game Support” or “Bugs and Localization Feedback” sections where player base and CMs and CSs interact and compile records, but I find it difficult to track what has been verified, what is going to be worked on, and what has been actually done about it.

Searching key words could easily bring out hundreds of posts made by users, and at times, you will have to review multiple threads to find comments and clarifications made by CMs and CSs, if issue in question is common or frequently reported.

Having a centralized thread/post that’s only viewable/readable by player base where they can review the list of issues that has been recognized by AGS allows player base to recognize that
a) Issue has been addressed by someone else
b) That the issue is acknowledged by members of AGS
c) Can continue to monitor the timeline of when it was reported vs when it was actually resolved

There is enough proof to suggest that AGS is doing what they believe is best course of action to address a lot of these ongoing issue with Lost Ark’s NA and EU release. Some may argue that it is not enough, or that there is no work being done here. With this forum, fortunately or unfortunately, AGS will be able to establish how the communication IS flowing and is being carried out between player base and AGS’s various members, and that there is tractable/traceable progress with reported bugs and issues that are negatively affecting player’s experience.

I strongly believe that you would not only build certain level of trust with the player base with this type of forum, but it would also bring sense of security for the player base that AGS is committing to review and work on these known issues in timely manner.

On the side note, a lot of complaints and feedbacks and bug reports are literally in all these different threads. It would help greatly if moderators or CSs or someone will re-categorize these posts and constantly redirect them. Also, I don’t know if I’m a minority here, but I would greatly appreciate it if most of the threads are not deleted. If someone uses offensive language or is instigating something harmful to the community, please delete their comment or content of the post, but don’t delete the thread and the comments within the thread. Positive or negative, all these threads are footsteps and trail of what we all experience during this very time period of game’s life span. If a user is spamming posts left and right, give them time-out or suspension (not bans) so that they learn their lessons. If someone is out there spreading hate and suspension is not doing justice, I think banning of account under the breach of community guideline is fair game. Please let me know if I’m being too naive here.

2. Timely and Scheduled Update that player base can expect and rely on

At the time of writing this post, there are few expected interactions that both AGS members and player base expect and rely on:

From broader ones:

  • Every month, usually on the 1st of the month or one of the days in the first week of the month, we seem to be getting Monthly update (we received one on May 6th, and one on June 1st so far)
  • Roughly every month, we get our daily rewards reset (I say roughly due to the fact that it’s not always kept in this format, some extensions were made if I’m not recalling incorrectly)
  • Every week, we get a weekly reset of our in game activities (Wednesday night, or you could say early Thursday morning, depending on time zone)
  • Every day, there is a daily reset that happens for in game activities (for NA East, it is 6AM I believe)

When it comes to some communication between AGS and player base, the major one that player base relies on is the official “Update” post that normally comes at the beginning of the month.

With Lost Ark NA and EU at its current state, I strongly believe that the frequency of the conversation needs to be increased.

With more frequent updates and communication attempt from unified voice of AGS to the player base, it would definitely ease a lot of the tension that everyone is currently experiencing from both sides.

Take another game that I used to enjoy, for instance. (I do not know if mentioning another game devs and studio, as well as the name of the game might get this post in trouble, so I will only use the lingo here.) On a weekly basis, as the weekly reset is happening, they release what is commonly known in that game’s community as “TWAB”. It’s an weekly letter from game devs/studio to their players. It covers anything from ongoing main topic surrounding the game, to known issues, and future plans (specific or general). if they have any detailed info that they can share, dates or timeline for new release or major updates, they would talk there, as well as their monthly update patch note. If there is some commonly echoed issue that they would like to address to the player base, they would mention it in TWAB.

Although I don’t play the mentioned game anymore (Due to the obvious reason of playing Lost Ark too much. Like, WAY too much…), I still fondly remember how as our game’s clan would discuss as a small community what was said and hinted or clarified in TWAB and look forward to the future of the game we loved and enjoyed. It was a great way to understand what was going on the dev’s side, and to understand what to realistically expect.

This kind of clarification and moment to address and communicate to player base is much MUCH needed in current state of Lost Ark NA and EU.

We are often addressed in last minutes about abrupt unscheduled maintenance, or how certain contents will not come out with certain weekly reset day just few hours before the said reset day. I am by no means saying that this is not acceptable - this can happen, and this will happen, as things always have the probability to go wrong at the most crucial and unexpected time.

If AGS were to communicate on weekly base to the player base in official thread or post, stating that something was missed, or something unexpected happen, and we know/expect that these communication will happen at the expected date and time, there will be less frustration and stress for both parties as all the possible communication attempt was made, and that issues and hiccups will be addressed.

Without any clear timeline of who will said what and when, it will only make things difficult for better communicaiton to come about between players and AGS.

Regarding the roadmap that we receive on a monthly base, although at times it is difficult and near impossible to state the exact date and time of what the player base should expect, an attempt should be made to correct those expectation if needed.

If content can not come out in said time period, weekly update would be AGS’s opportunity to clarify and communicate that better to the players.

If a date and time is provided, it would also show the commitment that AGS is making publicly to their player base (which will be most likely met with unfortunate and childish, but to some degree expected, mockery and bickering from player base due to the past incidents/experiences), which will most definitely earn your trust and respect from player base in no time.

To end this long and wordy post, I would like to first clarify that I am not trying to take anyone’s side, but my own. As one of many players of Lost Ark, I would like to see this game grow and success for years to come, whole heartedly. Yes, I am frustrated that the game is in its current state. I was one of the unlucky members of NA East Galatur during Early Access period where we couldn’t play for near one full day due to just our server crapping out, with players getting their main story quest just to disappear into the abyss. When we were given additional founder package reward, I move to NA East Vykas server with my friends and yet again, our server is suffering guild donation bug where players can not make any donations or contribution to the guild that they are associated with ultimately preventing them from earning bloodstone to earn extra honing materials. I constantly see bots everywhere, even in Punika, wearing those adorable animal costume us player base were gifted with, as if to taunt me and say that they have everything we have plus more.

This game is not in the healthiest state as we speak, which we are all very aware of.
And as we all know, this game can be in healthier state, with everyone’s effort and help.

Help us by providing the platform that is easily accessible and available for us to discuss and communicate with you. Help us by communicating with us with more conviction and promises, to show us that you really do care and that you really are hearing us.

It’s great to be addressed as “Heroes of Arkesia” by some of your official posts. But the real heroes who are needed is not us, but you guys at AGS. Please help us.

One helplessly hopeful player who loves this game too damn much.


Any chance some available representative from AGS team to respond to this feedback/request?

I know it’s wordy and long, would appreciate some sort of response. Thank you.


Again, any feedback and response to this post would be greatly appreciated.

We have our weekly reset in the next 2 days, and so far, there has not been any official post made as to what players can expect from this reset, whether any major contents or major bug fixes are coming with this weekly patch or not.

There has been a recent change in the number of bots in Steam chart that can be mentioned also, along with what that work was like and how it will continue to be performed/executed in periodic time to help with unbearable queues in NA West for instance.

Please kindly respond and provide any and all feedback that AGS team has for the suggestions above.


Off topic but are you Estonian? :smiley: asking cos of your name lol

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Haha, no, I’m Korean-Canadian (was born in S.Korea, but moved to Canada in my younger teenage years), the name I picked out for my main Shadowblade is due to “Lunavega” being taken. lol

I don’t really know what “Lunakiri” stands for or would mean, it’d be interesting to know/learn though. :slight_smile:

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“Lunakiri” in Estonian basically means bill of exchange or debt certificate :smiley:

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Oh, totally did not expect this meaning/definition! lol
I had combined “Luna” from the word “Lunar” and “kiri” sort of as “killer”, but now I have even more interesting meaning to share with my friends and guild mates.

Thank you for this interesting fact, Ciabara! Cheers!

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I apologize for directly tagging certain CMs, but at this point in time, I feel like only the hate threads or scrutinizing threads gets an actual comment from CM team.

Please let us know if any of the suggestion above is viable.

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