World boss getting Striker gear as Female Martial Artist

Well, to the scrapper with the gear. At least I have gotten some jewelry from area bosses so not a total loss. Edit: Ugh, I mean scrapper as in dismantle

same here , Thirain server. Character: Mike

Same issue across both first world bosses. Playing as a scrapper and only receiving male martial artist gear in the chests.

Three world bosses I have had this happen now. Playing Scrapper and only getting Striker gear from them.

I keep getting male striker gear as scrapper too and its annoying im the only one of my friends not getting the right gear

Same here. I’ve killed Rudric twice and he only drops “Martial Artist (Female) Exclusive” gear. I’m a male Martial Artist.

Same here. I’m only getting female martial artist loot from world bosses
as a Striker(Male Martial Artist). Pretty frustrating… might have to play some other class…

same for me

Male Striker

same here as striker getting female(exclusive) loot from world bosses(and i have kille like 10 world bosses so far). not a single armor piece i could use ,they are all Female Exclusive

seems like the kids at amazon managed to fuck up the coding and the prefixes for male and female when it comes to loot


Issue is still happening, is there an update on this?

me pasa exactamente lo mismo soy stiker y me toca femenino todo el rato espero q arreglen eso pronto por q si no F

Here as a scrapper (female Martial Artist) we’re only getting male martial artist gear

Same here.

Killed 3 world bosses so far loot was bugged in all.

Can we get some info on the ETA of this fix?

More info and pictures:

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Still no news?

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Same here with my Scrapper hope for a fix

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hi, i’m striker and still bugged. I killed wili wili and the drop was this.

only female gear.

I’m Mrcrown in Agaton server

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killed salt giant like 10 times all female martial gear no male striker gear i gave up and got to the point where i kill rov and still only female martial gear from rov

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Any ETA on this fix? This is huge is making me not want to keep playing my class.

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