World boss is way overpowered for new players to solo

Hello there,

Im not gonna say im a new player but been playing for 2 months now, and there’s no way to kill most of world bosses alone while im already playing as a support.
Also I’ve tried many times to join/request help in chat and I’ve tried to do it with my Shadowhunter char 1415 and its impossible to do so.
How can I farm these world bosses meanwhile no one is doing them anyway?
I believe these bosses needed to be nerfed with damage and HP rather than keeping it as hard as it is.
For an Example: Moake this world boss require a 1415 iLv char to be able to join the event.
so any idea or suggestions ?

At original level, they’re supposed to take like 15-20 players to kill.

If there are multiple channels of a zone at the top right, go as high up in the numbers as you can. Aim for Channel 1. That’s where most people gather for world bosses.

If there’s 5 channels in Tikatika colony and you’re on the 5th one, you’ll basically be alone.

well imagine there’s no players at all, and no one answers the chat… what shall I do in this case?

only thing you can do is beg/ask/pay/kiss up to higher ilv players and hope 2-3 sympathize and come help as that should be enough to kill.


I don’t know what server and time you play on, if you’re on a ‘dead’ server there’s not much you can do other than recruit in ocean area chat and see if you can round up some folks.

Otherwise you can solo those bosses if you vastly outlevel the original content.

im playing on Ezrebet EU Central

Imagine if it still dead server after the merge.

I’ve tried many times today like every 1 hour of the event when it starts, and no one even answer the request. I’d pay for it, I really need the runes and the stars to complete my collectibles.

Many servers have dedicated Discord servers run by other players to help people coordinate.

The best move is probably to find a guild and ask them for help.
World bosses are not meant do be soloable.
Moreover, I find it really hard to believe that nobody’s doing any world boss on your server from 8am to 12pm.
Try different times, make friends, or wait for the week-end when there will be more people playing.

For Moake there should always be some people doing it. Avoid the Adventure Islands time slots though

Just IGNORE all teh world bosses while leveling up. They provide really NO good benefit that doesn’t get outscaled and you can come back later at T3 to clean them up for the adventure tome.

I killed Moake on that server the other day, i was over there doing some gathering stuff and saw people trying to kill it so helped out and then went about my day

It’s the one and done nature of the game. At launch every Field Boss, every Procyon event had people flock to them, but as you get your Secret Map, Soul and Cooking Collectable you never, ever go back.

Since there isn’t exactly a huge influx of new players to fill the gap all the old content becomes void. Trying to farm the older stuff the way we did it (just show up) is pretty much impossible now.

Those above said it already, the best you can do is just press on and once you are well overgeared go back and solo the Field Bosses you need.

This doesn’t work for places like Spida, DH, Illusion, etc where you just need warm bodies to show up or the event will fail.

I’m on Ezrebet and can help you with any world boss if you want uwu

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Also too don’t forget the fact that a lot of players don’t want to lose their Moake or Twings kill

That’s another huge issue, where players are trying to get the most vertical progression out of horizontal content

And then the complaint about how “we should be able to get drops from the other monsters so I can still get my Moake or Twings”

No, the whole point is choosing which you want to do for the day to help avoid the problem of no one doing these (however I will admit no one likes doing the older monsters, I had to solo a good portion of them when I was powerful enough myself, but this stands with Island monsters because the Ilvl is similar)

The good news however is if you’re just needing credit for tome you can get it even after getting your clear for the day, which is nice

However when it comes to drops, yeah that needs to still be a choice

Thanks a lot, u can add me ingame : Cruelwarrior
I’ll try to do it as soon as I’m online.
Thanks a lot :heart::heart_eyes:

yeah, that’s an issue with having everyone at end game. world bosses aren’t supposed to be soloed until you’re like 10 years into an mmo and you go back to starter areas. idk what they can do about that world boss problem other than not have everyone at end game shrugz

Been doing Moake solo many times before the merges ( seems I am one of the last of unlucky players without a star ) - but since you playing a support, you’re in the rough spot. Try asking some friends to help.

Make Clown/Vykas party in party finder and ask for help with Moake in the title, ull be surprised how many folks will pop just to show off their fangs.

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