World bosses are broke

Everytime i go to a world boss being almost double to power lvl for half of them, i cant do any damage to them. If my attack says it does 1mil in damge it will literally do mabey 100k. I do so little damage on all my skills on world bosses who have 200+mil health its just stupid. And it takes 20 ppl just to kill the lowest lvl one. There is only ever me and 2-3 other ppl any time i try to do any timed event (world boss/ghost-ship) that it’s impossible to do and then if u can do it even though it will take a long time he just resets all his health after his first beserk transformation. Idk if this is intended or just broken but either way its a good portion of the game that doesent work yall need to go back to school cuz yall design team is cracked out -_-