World Tree Leaves #77 Foraging and #79 Mining

Is that bugged or is the place i’m collecting that it just don’t drop?

I need only 1 to get the 60 World Tree Leaves Reward, but i may already have spended 100k energy on each lifeskill after this one leaves (not counting the energy spend on the other ones) and nothing, i gived up and i choose to fish that needed 1 or 2 Leaves then Excavating that needed 3 or 4, i got all of them with less than 40k energy on each lifeskill, so now i’m back at Foraging and Mining.

I collect those in Punika in Tideshelf Path because it has both Foraging and Mining or i go to Starsand Beach only for mining, is there a good T3 island with one of those lifeskill or a place in South Vern? Because punika seens it don’t work at all.

I have the Foraging one ,
I only do Lullaby and Punika for foraging .
For mining/excavating I go to the T3 island that is just on the left on South Vern .

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At least it exist.

Oh, that island was where i did my excavating, i may go there for mining and see if i have luck there.

I have all of them. Some were hard, some very easy. got all hunting ones before even reaching lvl 30. It do be like that

they exist it’s just RNG if you get them

If you look in the collection tab you’ll see that some of them will state 13 total, but there’s currently only 11 available as an example,

If it shows in this list its obtainable, the extra are for content not yet released.

You’ll get it on your next try, trust.

I have 60 World Tree Leaves. Idk why but I also enjoy life skills lmao and make gold with them. I forage a lot in Candaria territory, specifically in a circle from where thunderwings is to where the fishing spot is. Don’t actually go to thunderwings spawn in the back but just take the route in a circle. And then I mined in Bellion ruins, that’s actually where I got my 60th world tree leaf! It did take a while but just keep going and it’ll happen.

If I remember correctly someone said that when it comes to the leaves the game will not only roll to see if you get one, but will do another separate roll from your entire list of leaves (in that category) to see which one you get

So what happens is if RNG rolls on a leaf that you already have, you get nothing for a roll that would have given you one

It makes sense because leaves come pretty fast at the start but then start dwindling over halfway through the list

So if you need one more leaf you just gotta keep doing that life skill until RNG lands on that particular one you need

I myself recently got all 61 leaves and I grinded logging (which was the last one I needed) for about 2 to 3 weeks straight

And I was still shocked I got it when I did because it was a lot sooner than some of my other life skills (looking at you fishing)

RNG is still RNG at the end of the day, so I hope it’s in your favor for those last leaves horizontal friendo

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