World Tree Leaves acquisition

Ive been colecting world tree leaves for quite some time and have gotten 85% of them, but i have recently hit a drout and hevnt been so lucky. My question is, are there specific places where you need to farm for some tree leaves or is it complete rng anywhere in Arkesia? Also does the Leaps Essence increase the drop rate or not?

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I’ve tried many guide but still everyone seems to say it’s fully 100% random. I’m still stuck with one world tree leaf from foraging left.

I tried like 3 days (31500 lifeskill points) on hunting to find the last hunting world tree leaf but ended up immediately getting it from going into the secret map. So I do have a feeling it’s not fully random like many guides said.

However if i’m not wrong at our current patch the max we can get is 56, but full amount is 61. So it seems we’ll never get 100% right now.

Yeah ive had anamolies that make me believe its not fully random. 5 days worth of life skill on hunting with zero leaves, pop a refresh and go to Rowen and first thing I kill drops it (not the first time switching a zone did this).

Similarly if I havent done a trade skill in a long time and then pick it up i have almost always gotten a world tree feom that previously neglected trade skill on day 1

I wonder if any devs have answered this question somewhere

Feeling the same. Had some time trying to farm em activly. As soon as I stopped and just picked a flowere here and there I came by i got the leaves. Idk its weird xD
But probably mostly a big cope thing that there is something hidden haha