World tree leaves bug! please fix urgent

after this patch the world tree leaves number count get bugged. if you see the image below you notice ihave all the collectibles minning,excavation and hunting and the number showed less than that . please AGS fix this.

Back to school, you can clearly count you have 10 of them and its say 10/12. So you do not have all the 12 collectible. The issue isn’t that it show “less” but the maximum you cna obtain is actually more than what its should say. So its should be 10/10 instead of 10/12 or there should be two more unchecked leaf in the list. (Also its for all the trader skill, i have the same issue if it is actually one., but i would just bet on a futur adding of leaf since we still miss 11 possible lootable.)

I expect they’re adding more total leaves but it’s not fully showing correctly.

Hello! This is an odd bug, could I have your character name and server?

This isn’t a bug it’s due to the fact that they have added the remaining continents which have world leaves associated with them.
It’s also the same for island souls and treasure maps.

I wouldn’t call this urgent lol but it can be confusing to some people and make them think there are actually other collectibles out there they can work towards.