Worrying about the future

Dear amazon games,

I’ll start by thanking you for publishing such a great game like lost ark for the western world as well. But my positivity has to end there, as I fear for the future.

  1. Promotion of the game
    Since we can easily compare here, I’ll start with the patch notes, this is how they currently look in Korea: 로스트아크 - 글라이드 앤 네온 패키지
    This is what they look like here: Under the Arkesian Sun Release Notes - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG
    You can see it more in the new raids.
    KR: 로스트아크 - 2022 Summer Season Update Roadmap
    EU/NA: Wrath of the Covetous Legion Release Notes - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG
    Working on this aspect would definitely help the game for me and I wouldn’t have to be the 70th person to see the Lost Ark: Luglio 2022 (IT) youtube video
    Btw why even my promo video when its not added to patch notes

  2. In-game time
    Maybe a small thing, but it’s funny how long this thing lasts in the game. Currently, it will be over 5 months since we don’t have synchronized DST time.
    Here is the post from 3/30.
    Lost Ark Weekly Update - 3/31 @ 12 AM PT / 7 AM UTC / 9 AM CET
    “Please note that the team is aware that the server time is being displayed incorrectly in certain regions in Europe that follow DST.”

  3. Life improving updates
    Life improving updates are changes to the game for better clarity such as new UI or game improvements that simply make life easier. The last time was perhaps the use of all maps at the entrance to the secret dungeon.
    These changes are pretty fundamental to the game, at least for me, as they fix bad game design. In Korea, they recently received changes in the stronghold and, above all, a change in the friend list, which, as the Koreans themselves say, should have come much, much earlier. My question is if we will wait a year for these changes or can we get them earlier, the new guild UI or the recent change of recent prices UI in the auction is also related to this.

  4. Game support
    I honestly have nothing against amazon support, they are great people and try their best to help, but lost ark support is honestly not support. At least as far as I know from other posts here on the forum and from my own experience, support can’t change anything about the characters in the game, so recently when I lost access due to a bug in the abyssal dungeon and didn’t get a ticket, support couldn’t help me in any way. There’s no point in even having the option to ask for in-game support when it can’t solve anything and actually help the player.

Last but not least, there are the bots that everyone is dealing with, I think they already belong to the games and they are stolen from me, this is your long-standing struggle. I hope things improve in the future and the publisher is as good as the game itself.


Hello hello. We appreciate your passion! I will make sure to pass along your feedback and sentiment to the Development team. :slight_smile: