Worst community in all of gaming and SG is to blame

So meta doesnt depends of balance changes and updates? What!!?

The meta is what is perceived as being the best. It constantly changes only because people find new “best” as changes and time goes on.

It won’t always be perfect, but it generally gives you a good idea.

As usual people blame other players who have the time to bus and make more gold than them, and then they project it by calling the game dead or that they are unworthy guild mates.

The game is what you make it to be. Stop with the melodramatic b.s

All kr streamers bus or do raids together with friends and they have a ton more things to do within the week. Its literally how you prefer to play.

If bussing didnt have any demand, people wouldn’t bus in the first place. I also bussed my alts when they reached 1415 because i didn’t want to be gatekept and waste hours trying to get into a group with a fresh alt.

I won time, the bussers won my money, its a win - win.

Just let people play the way they want to play. Stop projecting your insecurities on other players.

Oh i also forgot to say that bussing isnt that easy, and it also brings a new challenge to the players who try it out (not talking about argos obviously). If they like it fine by me.

We’re talking about raiding guilds, are we not? Such guilds have x numbers of raiding groups.
So if group A can’t do weekly run, because mr Zerker already did his valtan/vykas/clown with pugs or did a bus ( doesn’t really matter, he used his entry ) on his MAIN, - that’s insta kick out of the guild. That’s nothing unreasonable here…

Uhm, twitch drops dude. Open a twitch channel with a drop, set minimum quality, mute on and alt + tab back to the game. That’s what most of us is doing. Out of all people I play with, there’s just 1 watching streams.

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Hey, I disagree with you using math as a pejorative.

we copy everything KR does
After Brelshaza HM drops

Clown busses will be 3K
the min req in KR is 1575 for a guarantee bus

they got so much shit when they tried moving bussing last year lol
like to see em try KR would riot

they actual have a reporting system for bad behavior
and ingame mods can ban warn censor punish your account

dont get me started

where do you think we get these ridiculous checklists from :roll_eyes:

So many other mmos are better at encouraging players to socialize and build their own community than LoA tbh. While I do enjoy enough aspects of it to entertain it until aeromancer comes out, I’m not likely to ever shell out any real sum of money to AGS/SG purely on the principle that LoA falls flat on its face when it comes to placing as much importance on the social and explorative aspects of the game compared to character progression.

Before I started LoA, I never realized just how spoiled rotten I was in my other mmo which had tons of communities and subcommunities across all aspects of the game, from casuals to hardcore veterans, over things like housing, pvp, trials and raids, achievement hunting, collecting, roleplaying and more. I remember that each of those even inspired different players to create various discords dedicated to them and like-minded players would join and people would become friends, some even find partners/develop relationships outside of the game due to common interests all because of a shared hobby. Compare that to LoA and LoA just utterly fails at this.

It’s funny because even now, the other mmo is still going strong, even though I got bored of it personally (but I’m always thinking of the memories I made and the awesome people I had the honor of playing with and some of whom are also playing LoA now). Imho, the glue that ultimately makes players choose to stay in a game is the social aspect. Lost Ark, on the other hand, encourages ‘selfishness’ and actively puts up a barrier to helping new players by things like entry-count, cost of consumables, and scarcity of currency.

If players want to remain f2p and progress at a pace faster than a snail, they have to grind alts, which cost time and resources. And the more you have, the less time you have, and more on edge you feel whenever there’s a waste of time. Thus, no one really wants to spend what few time they get on wiping over and over until a new player ‘gets it’. Devs throw out buffs like Procyon’s protection but that doesn’t address the core issue. And with less players coming in, you can see how things will eventually go for the future of this game.

I feel bad for the players who pick up LoA as their first ever mmo because honestly, it’s very unfriendly to new players.


Bussing is the shjtiest culture in this game.

ofc you cannot just remove it, you have to come up with some decent way of replacing it for the better good

imagine kicking ppls for not playing with guild cause they are to occupied bussing randoms :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Imagine playing a game that doesnt feel like a job.

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even if the game wasn’t p2w the community would still be toxic dont worry.
sure the garbage p2w game design doesnt help but look at league of legend who has a similar community.

Well im not playing la tbh although guilds problems are pretty universal :slight_smile:

You actually describe here a problem perfectly. There is a demand on bussing because of the gatekeeping. Wouldn´t it be interesting to see what happens when bussing would be banned from the game? Imagine people who actually play the raids instead of getting bussed. What a paradise :smiley:

The only proper way to go about this is to outright ban paid busses or carries. Any body who thinks otherwise is taking long hard hits off the copium pipe.

This is a cute detachment from reality.

A ban on bussing would just lead to several more groups of 6 DPS looking for 2 supports.

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