Worst community

Gj guys, you manage to be even worse than the league community. Didn’t thought it could be possible, but you did it.
Instead of instantly blame other people, you could try to explain stuff. The english community on the web is so small, how do you think other people should know any of your hidden rules?
And this leads to your other discussion, “Is Lost Ark dead or does it die?” Well, when you stay on this behavior, yes. Only arrogant assholes like I get 90% of the time will stay in this game. But well, at least you are all assholes then and you all know what to do and when to do it, right?


ummm, explain what happened? Did you join a reclear lobby group without knowing what’s going on or what? Or you MM into a guardian raid with some toxic dude?


Probably didn’t bring consumables :thinking: That is the usual thing people come here about

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well for me usually i made the mistake in a MM that i forgot to put it into my hotkey bar and said i am really really sry about that. Sometimes i wake up and go do a random kungy end up forgetting. Usually a lot of people dont mind unless you meet one of the toxic *sshat

The number of times I have MM’d into guardian raids just to realize I am down to 1 health potion is rather embarrassing. Doing that long walk of shame back to the base and do all the fiddly pet inventory nonsense… not a good look for ya boi

Usually if u communicate people will understand, most people are angry at others if u dont communicate at all.

It’s every single day in every single group, a toxic dude in a Guardian raid. And when you join a raid for example Argus with randoms not over the group finder tool. You wipe once because someone don’t know the mechanic? Raid abort instead of just write 2 sentences to explain this one easy mechanic.
How does this community think the game will grow when so much player are so elitist.

And no I never joined a reclear group and I 100% will never do it because the normal player already so toxic I don’t want to know how much worse reclear people are.

Okay but I dont want to explain it for every second player just because he was too lazy toi check a 3 min guide. And its literally 3 minute long.
He joined a group to beat a raid full blindly. Why? Why doesnt he respect other’s time?


Well you MM into Argos, of course you are gonna get those dudes. You are matchmaking with random dudes that has no sense of etiquette or communication or politeness of what MM is. The thing about MM Argos is that you can screw over other people and if the person who doesnt understand anything and dont say anything that they dont know mech. Of course people will get mad. The same thing with Challenge runs. If i ask does everyone know this abyss challenge run mechs? No one says anything, and they go do the dungeon and failed the mech and run around like headless chicken. Who wouldnt be mad.

Most reclear group are quite tamed as long u urself know the mech… However, if u want a less toxic group, go make a learning group in Party finder or chill group.


Why not? You do the raid once a week and explaining it is faster than abort, rejoin and fail again because again someone don’t know the mechanic. When people can just queue up for something they probably will not watch a guide before.

This is an MMOARPG. Raids have mechanics you have to learn.
If you want to learn by trial and error then join a party with this mentality but dont join blindly for a random group and expect that somebody will type the mechanics for you.

Or go with your guildmates.


I only meet nice people in guardian raids. Donno what you are talking about. But said to hear. I do agree though in raids there are sadly way too many people this want to through in the towel after a single mistake from one person. Quite ridiculous. Some people really need to rethink how to act

Look when someone joins a guardian raid and all say something like 2 - C. And the last person has obviously no idea because he said nothing and did nothing, then just explain it in 1 sentence instead of reporting this player that he get a warning message and is just more confused.

And well in my groups never someone asks if all know it or not. NEVER. My experience with this community so far is, that most people are in first place toxic and don’t want to explain or help other player, what obviously always end up in less player in this game. Why would I play something where everyone is an asshole? xD

Then dont. You were in 1 guardian raid where somebody was an asshole so you tihnk everybody asshole in the game. Then just dont play.

And next week you start a thread “Lost Ark dies” ? xD
Love people like you. You are obviously one of the guys I mentioned

You could ask first aswell. Instead of waiting people to explain or ask if you understand you can ask them in advance

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Just simply ask what’s going on? Usually if someone ask i answer their question.

Most MM you will meet more *ssholes than usual. Just Like LoL

Maybe he is who knows but you shouldn’t say that the community is toxic in general. Every game has some toxic players unfortunately. Maybe those had a lot of bad experiences before and grew toxic because of that you never know. You should grow understanding for them aswell even though some toxicity is way overboard

I mean sure it is the fault of people being toxic, but at the same time it is also the fault of people who dont communicate. You are playing MMORPG or team game, not some solo play.


I help every Mokoko player. I dont care guardian raids, I can solo it without the other 3 player.
I wont explain anything to them in guardian raid. If they want to learn it they can do their research. I’m not their mom.

I wont hold anybody’s hand just because they were lazy so dont expect this. There is no MMORPG where you join a harder content and you go full silence and blind and hope that you wont f-- up things. You will and others will be frustrated because you trying to make the content harder than it is.

If they will be harsh, you leave. This is not the only game with toxic players. Every game, where you play with other players has toxic players. So dont try to act like this is the only game where others will be harsh, when you are ignorant and just pain in the ass.