Worst part of this game, IMO anyway

There’s no realistic way to farm for gear outside of the market, you, realistically, will never get your best in slot relic accessories without using the auction house, at least not before content is obsolete.

Think that, the new expansion, and the fact that i’ll be done with the collectables, is the main reason I’ll be going back to Warcraft in November.


just go now.

the longer you play this game the more you realize you are just playing by yourself in lost ark.


No offense but this sounds like a you problem. Just because you play by yourself doesn’t mean you cannot play with others or friends.

LOA and WOW are both GAMES, play one or the other or both all you want, but if you are not having fun then I would suggest thinking about better ways to spend the short time you have on this silly clown circus planet.


While I wouldn’t call WoW gear progression all that good, I do agree the accessory loot table is absolute and total garbage, polluted with useless stats and engravings where the best you can ever hope for is to get a good drop to sell to buy what you need.

It’s impossible to self gear in Lost Ark.


yup, currently thinking the way im f2ping and grind every day in the end i still cant keep up with market inflation, hate how 5x3 could only be achieved by whaling, + 25 weapon i can accept to be whale exclusive, but 5x3 should be accessible to everyone or at least have reasonable timeframe for how long you will get it. :frowning:

I think we need to put some context behind your post.

  1. You can’t gear your characters (QUICKLY) outside of market (unless you’re super lucky).

Your statement “You, realistically will never get your best in slot relic accessories without using the auction house, at least not before content is obselete” - At the cadence we are going now (this is somewhat true) but content for vertical progression (Will slow down) eventually as we come close to catching up.

The more important part is “Is BIS necessary?” Short answer, No. Unless you’re trying to be top 1%. Long answer, It helps clear content quicker, and its fun seeing bigger numbers.

Can you do all content with 75% gear efficiency? Yes. You can even do it with 30%. Depends how patient you are, and the people you play with are.

If you wanna be amongst the top % of players, you’re going to FOMO regardless of what you do~ If you wanna have fun, I recommend chilling a little and just going with the flow. Content isn’t going anywhere ;3

ye content isnt going anywhere but gatekeepers of raids will haunt you : )


Gonna have to disagree with you here. I have 2 characters in 5x3 without a single cent invested in gear progression. If you require books to do it it’s nothing you get in a week. Took me over a month for my first 5x3 because I slowly bought the class engraving I needed but eventually I was done. The 2nd was a bit faster, about 2 weeks looking at the auction house couple of times per week and buying when something good was posted. It didn’t break the bank in terms of gold and it didn’t cost any irl money either. Just accept that you won’t finish your „dream build“ within a week but slowly progress to it over time and you will be surprised how smooth it actually is.
And no, I did not buy cheap grudge books while bots sold them, I’ll have to bite the bullet and buy them now with the increased price because I cheated out and didn’t want to spend 200k, now it’s gonna cost me 300k+ but it’s still fine considering how massive of an improvement those books are when building more characters.

TLDR: 5x3 is not a matter of money or gold or alts, it’s a matter of patience.

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I’ve not experienced gatekeeping yet D: How common is this? Most of the people I’ve ever run with have been hella chill and I’m a Hawk main ;-;

PS: Am on Mari West.

yeahh i just dont have the clear information for how long do i have to farm because the price is so fulctuative right now, i already have grudge 12 (i bought when its cheap) and surge 12 (12-14k per book), 1 cheap necklace with 5 cursed doll and 3 random engrv, so im 4 acc shorts, but 1 piece with 5 cursed doll and 3 surge (any kind of acc) could cost up to 200k with even low quality, u are right that it requires patience, i agree with you, i just have no idea how long i would farm from now :rofl:

If you have 2x12 leg books you should go for 3/3 bis surge and 7/6 stone with 4 acc 5/3 bis
I have plenty char like that.

nice suggestion Bro, thank you i will sure try it :+1:

That’s the beauty of an mmo and having a healthy market. If you were able to obtain your own gear easily you would rarely buy accessories and you would rarely sell the lucky drops you got. It makes you able to trade with people that were lucky and got what you are looking for and it allows you to sell things you wouldn’t use but someone else would. Also, it makes you buy pheons, which is one of the major incomes Amazon games get and allows them to keep investing on the game and making new content etc.

since your on west you gon encounter it eventually specially on your alts just chill for now
but it depend on your class from what ive experience anyway

I agree in could not self equip a tier S/A build with the loots you drop week after week and be condemned to use mandatory AH to equip the characters its a bit boring and disillusioning.

And its a bit weird you always get class Accs in beginning raids, but that completely dissapear in Legion Raids. The loot of Legion Raid should be exciting, and it isn’t.


That was a little help Devs gave us to help us gear on early content to reach late tier 3 easier. They didn’t have that in kr Ru or any other server.

Pheons! I still have some argos slaves since right after he/she/it got released that dont even have 3x3 engravings from legendaries with correct stats :sweat_smile:

like DM says it a “F2P”+++++++

I was talking about without using the auction house and farming on your own. It’s not possible to gear a character.

If you like farming for gear, just farm for gold instead, then use that gold to buy the gear you want. Problem solved!

my response to that would be “how” I have 6 alts that I’m gearing and farming gold on and it’s not even enough to keep them all honing, much less buying gear +pheons of course.

wish you could at least trade gear between characters without costing pheons, that’s kinda a real money grab right there.