Worst part of this game, IMO anyway

Lost Ark is a game designed to make it as difficult as possible to play with your friends on multiple levels.

Some islands for casual players you can’t even join as a group. This is before we even begin to touch on the complete randomness of honing and ilvl requirements for content.

Imagine getting 8 of your friends together to try to do something and one of you got unlucky for a couple of weeks and couldn’t get to 1475 to do Clown. What then? Tell them to swipe a credit card to buy more mats? Buy more character slots to funnel more mats?

That’s not a “you” problem and trying to frame it that was is a laughable level of lacking awareness.

I donno about the honing argument, only because there’s points your goning get “stopped” at ie. 1370, 1415, 1430, 1445, and 1475. and your gonna need to do the content from those prior points anyway, so it’s not like you couldn’t play with friends, they just might not be able to do all the content you can. The island thing, sure, but I think that’s mostly the pvp stuff they don’t really want you grouping for anyway.

I agree with the 2nd part, I also wish we could trade between alts :frowning:

I found some cool accessories that don’t sell well on the market because they aren’t meta (some aren’t even listed) but I would love to try them out on my alts to see how well it would work. However, I don’t want to fork out 25 pheons per accessory just to “test” something lol. So I’m limited to following the meta unless I want to fork over lots of $$$ but as a casual I don’t have too much time to farm gold and I don’t want to pay a lot of $ so I can only follow the meta :frowning:

For those who say “just do whatever you want”, sadly it’s not as simple as that if I want to do group content because people check engravings/ccards/gems (and I understand this because no one wants to waste time) so unless I want to spend ages finding a group, its just easier to follow the meta.

and the simple solution to most of that? Take “character profile” out of the right click window.

course, they won’t do that, cause they’d lose money, since not everyone would have to buy the meta accessories.

I Hope you Just started BC this is obvious and i dont Like that too btw

Y’know I’m thinking what if they added just one accessory to be a guaranteed class engraving whenever you kill a Demon Commander (HM and Kukul)

So with every HM Valtan, HM Vykas and Kukul kill you get one guaranteed class engraving piece to drop

One would be better than none and might help the market a bit

Or maybe percentages?

Valtan HM has a 25% chance to drop, Vykas HM 50%, Kukul 100%

Wouldn’t be perfect but might help stabilize the markets for some classes

Or make them worse, I didn’t major in Economics

Honestly, I think I’d go for a monthy fee setup that allowed you to use the auction house and do roster accessory trades without the use of pheons.

If it was reasonable.

I’d much prefer to be able to actually farm gear, but at least it’d be a solution.

Yeah, I get it

However I think if we had one giant AH like KR does we might not be in this situation

Separating NA and EU is one thing, but then to separate even further causes supply issues

Like if the AH was just “EU” or “NA” we’d probably be in a lot better shape

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not only that but when do get one u gotta pay pheons to transfer it to ur char who actually needs it.

These are all raid lockout points and is the main “content” of the game. Spamming aoe in a chaos dungeon for 3min isn’t playing with your friends unless your friends are the most antisocial people in the history of friendship.

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