Worth rerolling to bard?

Hi, I’m currently maining Paladin and I’m happy with supporting my pals, but sometimes I wish I had the burst heals etc that bard has. Now I’m thinking of rerolling to Bard but I have no more Powerpasses or knowledge transfers for skipping to 50 so it will be a lot of pain :sweat_smile: What’s your opinion about that? Is it worth it or should I just stay on Pali?

Do whatever will make you continue enjoying the game.

If you want to play Bard, then play it.


You used 9 Tansfers?

So many alts, 1 more can’t hurt.

Morey Do whatever will make you continue enjoying the game. +1
It depend if you are 1370+? If yes, dont waste ur pala in this way.

So it depends on you. Do you want to try bard? If so go for it. Personally i like my bard more than my pally. Is it worth the lvl 50 grind?.. ehhhhhh lmao but if you level up to 50 manually again you get a free power pass for your next character. So give and take. Also if you have friends, have them carry you through dungeons and such so its easier.

I swapped mains from sorc to bard and I’m glad I did. As a support you don’t need to worry about your potions but even more so as bard. This alone eases gold consumption. You can get an invite to any party and yeah, I have a pally alt but bard is my preference.

My Pala is 1415 atm

There is your answer. You like support enough so you will appreciate the difference with Bard and you have a choice for which your party needs more. Its an easier problem to solve than which DPS to play! And never having issues finding groups.

Our guild Bard (female player) single handedly took over all recruiting and brings all the DPS chads to the yard. Its so easy to make friends as a support and you will have two. Soooo, do you have a guild? LOL

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Bard is very fun to play. You should definitely give a try.

First off maybe wait for power pass or similar that could likely come in June.

I am somewhat going other way with Bard being my highest ilvl but I am currently aiming to bring up Paladin in ilvl instead.
Bard has a lot of annoying things with their buffs but their heal is defintly the strong part.
I am liking the paladins consistency and less obstacles to getting their benefits to work for party.

My paladin and bard are both 1370. It is definitely nice to have the burst heal, but ultimately with expert and blessed aura 3, you can really boost people’s HP anyway.

It does suck to be on my pally and seeing ONE person at 10% HP. Ultimately, if that’s the case, then it’s their fault; as a pally you are simply there as a cushion. My last Oreha’s hard on my bard would have likely been a wipe, as both bosses in preveza were nuking my team to the point a pally couldn’t keep up.

Paladin works better with better players. I feel like I’ve heard someone else say this, but it’s my experience nonetheless.

If you wanna try a bard, definitely go for it. I’m super confused how many people I’ve seen who have used all their knowledge transfers and passes, though. I don’t ever wanna do 1-50 again, partly because I want to retain that experience as a nice memory rather than a G spam fest…so I’m quite picky with KTing. I also still have 1 vern pass lol.

Depends what your goals are. I main a Gunlancer, and have a bard as well as paladin alt.

First and foremost play what you enjoy the most imo, this will yield the most long term benefit.

I enjoy both play styles personally and think they’re both viable in end game, esp Hard Modes.

Secondly, I believe paladins pull ahead of bards in Hell Modes.

A bard has to choose between a heal or DPS buff for the party, and I’ve heard (from Saintone and other KR streamers) that there isn’t room for a Bard to heal in Hell Modes due to the tight DPS check, whereas the pally grants both passive heals and DPS buff.

However, this isn’t going to stop a good bard from clearing hell modes. You will just need to understand the fight, your team burst windows and the enrage timers enough to know when you can throw the odd heal

Hope this makes your decision easier!