Would it be too cheapo to have Artist's class eng lv1?

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But honestly, given that dem accs gonna cost a whale ton of gold, I’ve been thinking about having 3 relic accs with Expert 5, one with HA 3, one with Awk 3, and then have 2 legendary rings for a lv1 engraving; I know, having 8% less healing on the engraving is massive, but I’d be making up for it somehow (especially with acc quality).

What’s your guys thoughts on this?

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Yes its super el cheapo. I would gatekeep
You say 8% but thats actually an over 100% increase from the default value!!!


Like I said, massive o3o
Not being heavily reliant on tripods at least alleviate the problem to some extent, but ye, not gonna be cheap to build that lil fella

Yeah I could imagine getting gatekept because of this.
I am planning to go for a 5x3 build. Prebought the accessorys already, they are super cheap right now (excluding class engr ring). Ofc you double pay the pheons, but with the recent price reduction to 15P and the amount of pheons we got the last few months i personally have enough to send it over.
Even thinking about stones. But i am not sure on that one tbh.

You can easy play Dmg engraving on 1

just play Grudge/Raidcaptain/ KBW/Hitmaster + Adrenaline 2 + Class engraving 1

you will deal about 10% less dmg than with class engraving on 3 , you could change Adrenaline to 3 and hitmaster on 2 aswell for beginning

Stone is bound on purshase if you buy with any other toon the stone gets locked on that toon

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Not the hybrid build … I didn’t saw anything

Nobody would care, support is support. Even 3x3 you’d still get into groups.

Just slot in 2x class engraving (epic).

you woud not because you waited so long for a support and take @ the end the cheapos :wink:

You gotta remember the sheer volume of people expected to make an artist. It might be overblown but she is by far the most anticipated class at least from forum/reddit discussion.

Honestly I can see alot of the juiced parties opting not to take any of the artists just because of the lack of 6 set yearning so the artists might be filling in the weaker lobbies for a while.

yes having lv 1 class engraving would be to cheap and i would expect any group to gatekeep you for that.

Just do double epic class engraving on the book slots and you can get piss cheap 4x3 or even 4x3 +1 build if you really have to be one of the cheap supports.

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3x3 is pretty easy in today standard and you are also a support so its easier to find party. But unless you can somehow get at least 4 pieces of relic people wouldnt take you in from clown raid and above. If you even cheapo to the point of having level 1 engraving ? Nobody gonna take you in, support or not

use class at lvl9 and one Argos acc with +3. Shouldn’t be hard to get.

I was planing to use epic class engravement from hyperexpress event + 2 argos with swiftness, my legendary VPH and then with a awakening/expert stone with at least 12 hits (6/6, 7/5, 8/4) and 3 accesories with awakening, expert and VPH get the 4x3 (class, awakening, expert, VPH) then with the time I will change those 2 argos accesories for class 3+5 HA.

I hope is going to be good enough to avoid the gatekeep, even if it isn’t 5x3.

Because the engraving selection system will be here there would be enough time to go full class engraving later on.

Supports never get gatekept ive seen 2x3 rainbow stat bards in brel 1-6 lobbies. 5x3 for a support is never needed anything past your third engraving is considered QoL increasing and really doesnt greatly increase your effectiveness- 5x3 1570 bard main. Awakening expert and class are usually the core support engravings VPH and heavy armor are quality of life increasing and nice to have but not needed to be a support.

The only sup shortage right now is on brel 1-2 and 1-4 groups. Rest have no shortage and you might get gatekept with scuffed builds.

Yeah the treshhold for getting gatekept is defenitly higher than on DPS. But it is there.
Having myself 5 supports on 5x3 all 1700+ mainstat, LWC30, few 10 Gems… Theres people kicking other supports if I apply - not that I am encouraging such behaviour but its my experience I had often.

Also people of my guild, I see more and more not taking budget and cheapo supports at first until they filled lobby just because the supp-shortage is not so big as it was a few months ago