Would like a refund on the shiba inu package so I can repurchase the pet only box

I got the pack because I thought the price - package vs pet only both being 2600 royal crystals - was intended. Now I hear the devs calling that the shiba inu “only” was priced incorrectly, I’d like a return on my package so I can repurchase the pet only. I wouldn’t have purchase the package if I knew the pet would have been half the price.


Then you should mail customer support team, not forum


wow… fuck sakes man. I just got the package bc it didnt make sense to get just the pet. how does this even hit the live update like that.

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Oh, the pet only box was priced incorrectly?

I bought 3 doggos because I couldn’t pick which one I liked most. Has there been official word that compensation will be applied to accounts for the ‘difference’ in price purchased?

Yes. Check the offical news. Im sorry i cant link now but it was put out hours ago.

Oh Neat, its here;

But it wasnt removed. It was in the store and I just bought the other package with extra items solely because the pack with just the pet was listed at the same price, 2400.

Clearly they didnt temporarily remove it. waste of money and crystals now.

Just write support tickets for requesting refunds, instead of writing in the general discussions part of the forum, where not even forum support does read it.
Community Manager won’t help you, that’s for sure.

if they refund u they will block your account permanently wont they.

In the other Pack where Blue Crystzals too so dont know if they just can refund it. For my side i would say its your problem that you didnt wait. I saw the prices and knewed “there is something wrong” so i waited before i purchased.

Why would they?
They only have a reason to do so when you just say your bank to refund the whole payment.

+1 @Roxx

I did the same mistake not knowing what was happening. All I can say is this is some dirty scammer move from AGS. :confused:


very mad rn. you tricked us

Sorry, but it was ur fault. When you see the box costs the same as the single Pet, you just have to think thats wrong and wait for official News about it.

If the refund you, good for you. And if we had actually a good support i would say dont waste their time. But well good luck, but dont think u get a refund.

@Roxx I purchased the package thinking ‘OK, seems like the first one is a good-value package deal, like our level complete pack. It’s good value but you can only purchase it once. Seems like I’ll have to pay a lot more if I want more than one shiba inu pet.’

Reading through reddit, it seems like I was not the only one who thought of this as “AGS priced it for a one time good-deal package.” I’ve sent a ticket too, but would like this to be acknowledged and communicated since I am not the only one who was tricked by this mistake.

It won’t happen. They would have to take back 500 BC + the wallpaper and vitameow from everybody as well. What if they already opened/spent it? It’s not gonna happen, it would take wayyyy to much time/effort to figure it all out when they have other things already on their plate, like bots running infinite damage/speed hacks completely unopposed. And besides everything sold in the store is final, they don’t HAVE to give refunds for anything at all. Even the pet sold for the wrong price.