Would like to restore a deleted character please

Hi I would like to restore a character that has been deleted.

Server SA - Blackfang (ex Gienah)
Main Character name : Panshuws

Character to restore:
Arcana - 1370
Character name: Arcanshuw

Thank you for your time
Have a good day/evening!

Hello there @Panshuw, welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

I will gladly assist you with this request, just remember to be logged out of the game and have a character slot available!

Allow me to look for your character. :wink:

Update: @Panshuw unfortunately this character is not available for restoration, is there any other character or anything else I can do to assist you?


Just this character, its not available because merge?

Soulfist is avaliable?

Hi @Panshuw,

No, it’s not due to the merge :frowning: What is the name of your soulfist?

I’ll be waiting! :slight_smile:


Soulshuw or fistshuw / Panfist


Ok, let me check those 3 names!

Update: I found a character with the name Panfist but unfortunately they are un-restoreable too :frowning:

Anything else I can try helping with?