Would like to restore my deleted characters

Hello !

I deleted 3 of my characters in the past weeks and I regretted it in the end.
As I don’t have any powerpass nor knowledge transfer left, I would like to know if it would be possible for any staff member to recover the following characters :

  • Kice (Sharpshooter, on Moonkeep)
  • Poplica (Sorceress, on Moonkeep)
  • Moupey (Paladin, on Moonkeep as well)

In case you need my recently played main for reference : It’s a Wardancer, named Sheykha on Moonkeep as well.

Thank you for your time and patience !

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Hello @Atriil :wave:

Welcome to Forums!

I will surely be able to restore the characters, however I request you to close the game completely while I do this for you.

It may take a few minutes, patience is appreciated.


I am back, but there’s a small little problem.

I see that your character slots are full. In order to restore the mentioned characters, we need enough free character slots.

You can delete other characters if you want to, then we can go ahead with the restoration.

Let me know when you decide :slight_smile:

Good day! :confetti_ball:

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Hello ! Idiot me forgot to activate the character slots…

I’ve bought 3 character slots and succesfully activated them now, you can proceed to the reactivation of my characters ! I will log off from my account now.

Thank you for your very fast answer !

Good day to you

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No worries.

The mentioned characters have been restored now.

You can restart the game once and continue you adventures. :slight_smile:

Have a wonderful weekend! :pizza:

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