Would removing the ability to mail gold fight the bot problem?

It feels like we need some Draconian tactics to fight these bots. If we removed the ability for players to mail gold to each other, do you think it would help? Im getting to the point I would support such a change if it meant I could log in and actually play.

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No because you can list non pheon items on the AH with prices of a certain numeric value allowing for rmt seller to buy…

Anytime you see a level 3 or 4 gem going for the price of a 9 or 10 on the AH…thats RMT

No because players lost items such as gems for high prices and sellers buy off market that way

Just remove all Player to Player interactions and the problem is solved. BDO did it, and it works fine. Normalize the market price value of things so players can’t use the market to swap gold as well. Also add in a 30% Tax for players not using the Crystal Aura.

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Yes because I want to farm 6,000,000 necklaces to get the one I need. You can’t turn off trading AH without taking out the need for drops so specific they are 1 in a million

read my edit, I just solved your problem.

Literally every single thing I mentioned was done by another Korean Dev team for another Korean MMO… this is how they removed bots from their game. It works, it may not be popular, but you know what else wont be popular in a few months… this game if they don’t make some serious changes.


Idk what youre talking about, most players love bots. Its because of bots we can buy 3 gold 10 stacks of stones to 20 rep our weapons. The only people who dont love bots are amazon and cash shoppers.

Do this, and add more limits to the auction house. Remove /trade feature.
Set prices limit for items below T1, T2, and T2 gems/low-level T3 gems (levels 1 - 5). From around 300 gold to 1000 gold. Have a team that involves players monitoring the market because prices may change in the future. Add a new feature allowing people to pay gold from 200 to 600 gold to buy maps (10% tax) in a 4 map run. Instead of having to use the required map. This helps prevents scammers and allows people to buy map runs.

They can also collect the data from map runs trading activities and focus on items with high price fluctuation in the market to map out potential rmters.

Right now t3 weapon stacks of 10 are 20 gold not 3. Also its better to sell on the AH then buy.

that wont work for lost ark trust me. bdo doesn’t have sub stats for ogre rings or distortions. it wont work due to engravings. different stats/quality’s prices would very and it would be up to ags to list the prices for them which is wrong… in 5 months if relics get more accessible then what if the prices don’t normalize? no ones going to pay 20k gold for a single earring x5 to finish a build.

as for the crystal aura penility. i guess? but that wouldn’t really help tbh.

Depends on server cause on mine its 3 gold per 10 t3 but then again we cant sell cloud mounts for 20k. The servers with the biggest bot issues are the same servers buying from them cause gold is server bound…

Yes it would help. Mail is how they get the gold to their customers.

AH is used to transfer gold from bots to mule accounts. It is not used to get money to a customer as they cannot guarantee success.

If I was a Gold Seller I wouldn’t mail gold to my customers. That is just asking to get them banned.

AH is by far the better choice.

with a 3 second google search you can tell you are wrong

Except an unreliable non guaranteed mechanism for delivering your goods isn’t going to get you customers.

This might be why you’re not running a gold seller business?

These are companies operating at scales you are not considering.

It’s not one guy using the account he enjoys the game on selling gold he makes running bots in his home office.

This is strictly a business, running literal machine farms with each set of hardware hosting multiple VMs all botting 24/7.

Those bot accounts then buy overpriced gems set up by the mule accounts, to pool all the gold into a few accounts, who then mail the gold to clients directly via mail.

They do this only to fuel orders and then delete those characters.

Doing it this way allows them to sell with a guarantee of 100% no hassle product delivery.

Having those guarantees is key in a space where everyone involved is essentially below board, the clients are the ones who take on all the risk when they send money to these outlets.

Their sales would drop precipitously if getting paid for product involves the client jumping through hoops with no guarantee that it’ll be successful.

It would also involve employees being hired for round the clock support for EVERY SINGLE person buying gold as theres no way to sell in this manner on the ah asynchronously. It costs the person a deposit every time and if it doesn’t sell the deposit is lost. The deposit for 250k gold or something bigger is nothing to snub your nose at.

It also allows there to be potential for interference from third parties, mimicking listings from actual buyers.

You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

By all means though, tell the class exactly why this wouldn’t be at the very least a potential avenue towards curbing the issue.

Why exactly do YOU personally need to be able to directly send or receive gold through mail or by direct trade?

If you are running a gold seller business you wouldn’t even have a business left. As no one would dare RMT. As every CUSTOMER is banned.

You think it is likely to have a specific item at an exact price (19443) at a specific window if expiration 8days. Is less specific than typing someone’s name out?

It has nothing to do with anonymity. There’s no risk for a gold sellers account having their name seen. They are throwaway accounts.

It is not free to list an item on the ah. More time and higher sale price makes it exponentially more expensive for the BUYER, and sellers aren’t going to front that cost as it will decrease their profit margins.

Additionally this allows uninvolved parties the opportunity to screw the sale by duplicating listings.

This is why they use the fucking mail.

Furthermore no legit player has reasonable cause to lament the removal of gold as a directly tradeable currency in an effort to curb botters and rmt

again a 3 second google search would show you that tons of them also use the AH but keep making long posts that aren’t true instead of just checking