Would take Asmongold, sywo, and every other content creator to actually get their attention

No one is gonna give a shit about anyones opinion unless its someone that could make them lose face like a large content creator like Asmon, sywo, stooppezz, or even zeals. Even then AGS probably wont give a shit just like with New World a game that had promise but they let die and are now trying to breathe life back into it. Why keep repeating these same mistakes over and over again.

For example. Instead of constantly apologizing for early releases when players are not ready for content drops such as argos and valtan but instead why not just release catch up along side them. Add more content that gives materials, decrease materials needed for gear hones, increase upgrade chances, or add tier 1 and tier 2 catch up mechanics for the new players or players that don’t have as much time as others to get materials needed.

Class releases are the second biggest complaint. Why are we being forced to play alts until the classes we want to main and have known about for years now are not in our version. Of course players are going to progress slow when they are forced to play alts until their main is out and then redo it on their main they would rather just be playing their main now and prepping alts not the other way around. I understand that there is class balancing and reworks happening with the KR version right now but if you are going to push this idea of we are playing two separate games then let them get the updated classes before us and then later launch it here but at the very least give people their mains already.

The strategy of keep players in the dark is also a very ignorant one. Glaivier was recently added to the Lost ark official website still without a release date which is very misleading to newer players stumbling upon the game. If you were a new player and saw the glaivier in the class preview screen on their website and got excited to play it you would be upset when you later found it still wasn’t in the game and WE HAVE NO IDEA WHEN IT WILL BE ADDED. Stop the guessing game and just tell us. The guessing game of when content will be added is infuriating since when you say a class is being dropped in April it begs the question when. It could be next week, it could be the 14th, it could be the 21st, it could be tomorrow, hell it could be in a few hours we just don’t know because no one will tell us cause they think we for some reason like that?

Let me ask this do you like when you ask a friend or a significant other “When do you wanna hang out” and you give them a few good days for you and they say “when ever works”. Alright well when is whenever? It’s the same thing here with “when is glaivier dropping?” and AGS says “in april” and you ask “when in april” and they smugly say “yes”. Being ignored and left in the dark is not a way to generate hype it’s a way to lose players.

We want release dates to feel we are working towards something not what feels like false promises of content and us working towards an empty void.


AGS/SG learned the wrong lesson from the Argos debacle. The actual problem was that Argos was dropped with 1 day’s notice so players couldn’t prepare. But AGS/SG became scared to put any actual content into the game now for players to work towards. We see it now with the butchered South Vern update with most progression content cut.

Guess what killed New World? A shit endgame with nothing to do. If people don’t have anything to work towards in an MMO, that kills motivation. Give us actual content, with some notice period.


It wasn’t just Endgame what killed New World. Man people need to stop repeating that shiet.

Amazon basically worked really hard to delete New Worlds playerbase. And they do it even right now. They basically banned a lot of remaining players last week while also creating empty servers for anyone who might dare to try the game right now(since it’s f2p rn).
Stuff like this is no accident.
New World lost majority of players early due to dupes, marketplace inhibition, no gold generation and the worst of all was basically giving people no possibilities to play with friends. Or move out from servers where communities have been already established.

The “no endgame” issue wasn’t the major driver for the first 4mil~ players
But they did everything possible to get rid of the endgame community anyway right afterwards. (gate progression through unobtainable items, give 1 every month, but still no possibilities to craft these). Gate the almost nonexistent content via insane grindprogression. Hell I’d argue 90% of New Worlds playerbase has never even tried the endcontent like Lazarus or Garden of Genesis.

They won’t do the same mistakes here, since obviously a lot of players will stay here no matter what. Besides Elden Ring which will keep slowly dropping off there’s not much left atm besides Endwalkers patch next week.
They are too aware that whatever people wanna nolife in this game it will “secure” them faster progression in a certain big mmo soon to come. A lot of ppl are alrdy too invested and if 200k was the goal anyway they can just try to milk as much as they can.


Only reason for not telling you when is because they want to keep the possibility of delaying it.

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But apparently its the same for Korea, they also get updates the next day without early notice.

And actually it’s only a problem for people with “FOMO”.

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I’d much rather them tell me it’s happening day of or day before rather than telling me nothing.


Koreans know atleast they get good conte and things we know nothing and in the end its cutet content changed content or whatever

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We also know we get good content because we get the same content they already have.

When tho lol we didnt know anything and alot of things were changed xd or cut content

We didnt even know game delayed cause of t3 even tho amazon knew it like the dev stated and told them but ye

They just dont tell us anything cause we know the game from other versions doubt anybody wouldve said yes to ilvl changes to no honing buff etc

And no other version of the game started with as much content as our Version, but somehow that’s something everyone is forgetting.

Yeah whats the big deal they did experiment with pther version ru failed t1 start jp failed t2 start but Atleast no cut content

We got t3 start cut content 1m players gone 370k players left idk how many of those bots but i say alot

If we just had the right t3 content no cuts no ilvl changes etc we would not have the same issues kr had with the deadzone etc lol

no one is forgetting anything because the game is “developed” not “in development”. It is a finished product that we are getting in pieces. If this were a completely new title no one would be as up in arms.

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RU also started with cut content, they didn’t even started with full T1.

And it also makes no sense to start with everything, people already complaining now that they can’t keep up. Imagine the FOMO if we already would have all the legion raids:D

But thats cause they got the game like 1 year later

I never said it made sense to start with all legion raids and spreading them out over time makes sense as we catch up to always bring players back BUT what we should have started with all of is the classes. No reason to make people either leave the game till their main releases or play alts until then which will of course make them progress slower.

Always fun reads. You can also go over any patch notes with forums from either region. The Russian ones in particular didn’t just sit there nod and smile.

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Thats i think a big problem pfc korean mmo grindy and so to beginn with but like the one guy in comment said publisher greed made it worse

Now look at us cut shit changed ilvl xD etc if that aint greed iam jesus


The difference is that in Kr SG is established as a very competent studio, and from what I’ve heard they basically didn’t make any big mistake since the deadzone, or they have fixed it really fast.

SG is new here, and from what we’ve seen already, it’s difficult to trust AGS in delivering information properly. They also modified the game in some good ways, and in some bad ways, so really you can’t know what they’re gonna do. They’re impredictable and unreliable, and that is frustrating.

Even for me, I don’t plan to do Valtan on release week, even not on the second week (I’m switching main to LM or my main alt, depending on which I like the most), and it still really frustrates me to be in the dark. And I’m not even trying to rush content, I’m confortably sitting at 1385 with my main


That’s still wrong. The problem was never Argos. The problem was and is the content that was supposed to exist before Argos that A) Does not exist in our version or B) Was changed in our version to make the 1340 to 1370 zone more punishing than it has ever been on any version of the game.

Also…We were told before the game even launched that Argos was being released one month in. I have no idea where people got this bullshit narrative that we had no warning about Argos, but we most certainly fucking did.