Would you accept me into ur Raid?

Hey guy’s.

As for right now i have 1 Main on 1500, cleared every possible Raid for now and 1 alt on 1415 and 2 alts on 1370… all with the free passes you get.

My question is would you accept my 1415 alt who has 5x3 with full level 5 Gems into your Valtan alt run if you see me Roster 98 ?

if your alt is 5x3 with real status and engraving roster lvl doens’t matter at all for 90% of players and specially for Valtan or vykas


I’d only accept you cause you are 5x3


I just look at engraving, gems and stats, in that order.
I’m surprised though by how many people are not putting gems on their alt, or keep t2 one in the hope no-one notice…


Do not understand the meaning behind this post. :sweat_smile:

For Valtan you dont need 3x5 or 3x4. 3x3 is fine (same for Vykas).


That’s funny I tried yesterday to join a Valtan nm with my 1415 scouter 4x3+1 and got in many groups denied. While in the one raid a other Scouter was in it with 1430 3x3 engraving lower roster and lower gems (still 2 DPS spaces free).

Many people just look on ilv first.

My scouter got: Grudge 3, KBW 3, Barricade 3, Adrenaline 3, Evolutionary 1

Yup everyone should gatekeep

Hmm okay thats a good thing, cause so many ppl decline just because of Roster its frustrating … even on my main… meanwhile i see Roster 180 who fail basic mechanics

Cause its money, i don’t have gems on my 1370 alts either because its not worth it, especially if you try to mainly free to play this game

Yes for the basic you just need 3x3 but as for right now ppl hard gatekeep those raids, and if you don’t have roster 200 they will not accept you on alt runs … so i have to show other stats etc.

And i just wanted to ask all’y personal opinion on that

I’m talking about valtan and above so 1415+. ^^
Having at least lv3 gems the time one swap them to lv5 is free.

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4x3 minimum with 5lvl gem and good stat and you are in my party

Well yeah true

Im not high roster either but under 100 is a bit too low. Try to do at least some horizontal to get it to 120. Low roster may mean you dont have all the skill points which is dps loss.

When you’re overqualified for the job


I mean i did some horizontal content, like i have 6 Omni, 40 Masterpieces etc, but its just so boring sitting there hours and hours just to get lik 1-2% done in horizontal …

Especially since rng is a thing in horizontal content aswell… so im not bothered to do them, like grabbing all the island tokens … jeez

I had 399 sp under 80 roster level

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valtan normal sure! If you can do basic things as orbs.

LOA players CANT READ, that is confirmed! :joy:

Post your character, engravings and stats XD how do we know what are 5 engravings and what your stats are?

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I mean ofc i can do the basics haha, i have my main on 1500 atm and did all the current raids ^^