Would you consider implementing a legion raid rest bonus system?

A lot of people love this game but sometimes we can’t have the time to clear the legion raids weekly.

Especially now, raids are getting harder and take longer to clear.

I was wondering if a legion raid rest bonus would be a system that could be looked at?

Maybe the same system as guardians/ CD, where if you don’t clear a legion raid for the week, you will get an additional 50% loot bonus the next week with a maximum of 2 rest bonuses stored? (Not including relic mats and additional chest that is purchased. just the gold/ accesories)

Just a thought and just looking to help casual players


I think the current Rest Bonus System is enough honestly

None of the weekly content has rest bonus not even Weekly Una’s. If they started looking at rest bonus for weekly stuff they’d have to start at Weekly Una’s not Legion Raids.

U know i wouldnt mind this

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