Would you had played lost ark if it came out as a monthly sub with no p2w

I’m here to discuss if you’d played the game if it was a monthly sub.
p2w has different meanings to everyone, not here to debate that.
What I mean is removing the ability to use real cash for any extra benefits in gear or progression or a benefit in gold currency.

This also means, outfits could still be cash shop, but you couldn’t sell those on the market afterwards for gold.

but if they charged a reasonable amount.
$9.99 a month
$5.99 a month for prime members.

Removed all p2w and blue crystals and all that jazz.
You only can buy cosmetics.

Would you?

It makes no difference because people who play a lot will be ahead and people will call spending time = P2W.

You don’t even need to spend in this game. People play 1-2 hrs and even skip dailies these days and call anyone else more geared than them P2W.


Rmt enters the room

I would pay 15€ month if I don’t have to run chaos dungeons anymore and get the loot out of it daily…


The only thing keeping me from uninstalling because of the rng fest on stone, quality upgrade, honing, card packs and accessory drops, is that the game is free.


i would pay a montly fee of 20€/month IF and only IF there was full acces to everything without any artificial limit like daily, gold char, pheon, i would even on top of that buy some skin.

F2P mentaly ruin everything it touch, they create problems to sell the solution … ofc it’s bad for games, but on large scale they hope to make more with a small % of whales than a big number of small month fee.


Imo, they’d have to change more than a few shop items to shift into a sub fee. Like the entire loot system. Upgrades would have to be guaranteed, or switch to a traditional system of bosses dropping gear instead of materials.
You could argue that raiding for a chance at a boss dropping your item is equally as gamba. But I’d rather get a quality item that is what it is when it drops, opposed to a bunch of small materials getting flushed away in two minutes.


lol there are other f2p alternatives.

I would Pay to Play if there was a game to play.

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I wouldn’t. I need to play a game first to see if I like it. Then if I do, I will gladly pay for things in-game, be it cosmetics or convenience items.

You are saying cash shop items will be skins and can’t be sold on market for gold, I can play a game like that. I never sell skins on market anyways. Or at least not yet. Bought a bunch of skins before scouter update to hoard and sell later on. Either that or use on my characters. I do buy skins every time they come out.

However, there wouldn’t be any of those skin-buying activities if the game is not f2p and players need to pay to play it. Because I simply won’t play and look for another game that let me play free, to decide if I like it, if it’s worth my time.

If they didn’t spoon-feed us classes and skins, I would pay $5.99 a month to play Lost Ark.

The game would have to be complete apart from all future expansions/content of course. But skins and classes MUST be all available. AGS/Smilegate would be able to make money not just with subs, but with the purchases of skins.

Yeah but them banning bots that are paying monthly subs is easier than banning ones that play for free.

Well it might not cost you $ but u pay with ur time, couse as f2p player u have to farm gold for whales who will buy it with rc

Yes I would.

I paid to play world of warcraft 2 day a week, so yes.

Sorry, i paid 13€ to play 2 day a week, + 40€ per expansion + cashshop

Of course not.

so you want a game with zero trading systems whatsoever? no l don’t want to play destiny because if l did, l would just play destiny

I don’t think a sub model would work with how the game is fundamentally designed. Lost Ark is a game that is specifically built around it’s f2p model, instead of building a model around it’s game design.

no because the game lacks content.
NA release almost out of content after Dec fyi

After Breshalza all thats left if Eglacia 2hrs of stuff to do
Then Akkan
Then its 9 months for next raid 12months for NA.

Compare that to western MMOs where updates Quarterly like Diablo 4 intends to be.

I mean even New World has had more new updates in the time we’ve spent catching up to kr.